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The Beachwood Radio Sports Hour #51: Bulloney

WTF was that? Plus: Here Come The Mighty Ducks; The Mighty Cubs; The Mighty Ramblers; The Chicago Fire Did Something This Week; and The Mighty Ramblers.


* Dick Butkus.

:30: Bulloney.

* The inscrutable Derrick Rose.

* The mishandling of Joakim Noah.

* Nikola Mirotic, rookie.

* Taj Gibson, AWOL.

* Aaron Brooks, MIA.

* Every team but one is a failure every year in every league.

* Derrick's meetings.

* Tony Snell (ding!).

* Dougie McBuckets.

* John Wall's meetings.

* We still [HEART] Jo.

* Becoming Jimmy Butler.

* GarPax.

* Reinsdorf's loyalty oath.

* Draft Town.

48:15: Here Come The Mighty Ducks.

* Blackhawks still playing.

53:53: The Mighty Cubs.

* Wada for Wood.

* Addison Reed vs. Addison Russell. Discuss.

1:04:52: The Mighty Sox?

* JQ.

* Melky Cabrera vs. Jorge Soler.

1:16:41: The Chicago Fire Did Something This Week.

1:17:54: The Mighty Ramblers.

STOPPAGE: 18:36.


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