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The Beachwood Radio Sports Hour #50: Vinny Del Thibodeau

Irresistible front office meets immovable coach. Plus: Back To Blackhawks; The White Sox' Most Unforgivable Sin; Cubs Still Have That New Car Smell; and A Chicago-Area School Will Win The National Men's Volleyball Championship.


* Mike Singletary.

* Dropping trou.

* Vernon Davis:

2:45: Thibs Going Down In Flames And Glory.

* No-No Noah.

* Cavaliers All In On Domestic Violence.

* Tom Thibodeau Has No Life - And Soon, May Not Have A Job.

* Tom Thibodeau's Relationship With Management As Strained As Joakim Noah's Knees.

* The Man Is A Coach. Period.

* They Call Him Mister Coach Thibs.

* Here Comes Fred.

* Deja Del Negro:

"The Bulls have hired independent lawyers to investigate a physical altercation between executive vice president of basketball operations John Paxson and coach Vinny Del Negro, sources confirmed.

"The incident took place after the March 30 home loss to the Suns and centered on Del Negro exceeding, for the second time, a medically imposed minutes limit on Joakim Noah, who has battled plantar fasciitis."

* Irresistible GarPax vs. Immovable Thibs.

* Two yins, no yang.

* Jeff Van Gundy: Bulls Trying To 'Undermine' Thibodeau.

* Bring sunscreen, Tom.

24:20: Back To Blackhawks.

* Corey Meets World.

* Captain Quenneville.

* Al Secord vs. Dino Ciccarelli.

* Don Cherry.

* Blackhawks Late Bloomers.

35:15: The White Sox' Most Unforgivable Sin.

* The straw that stirs the drink.

* The straw that denies stirring the drink.

* Losing ugly.

* Dear Chris Sale:

* Castro Mimics Bryant, Confuses Rizzo.

45:33: Cubs Still Have That New Car Smell.

* Bleacher creatures.

* "We've just celebrated Cinco de Mayo and that's an indicator of what's going on with your team," Maddon said. "I'm pretty happy and I wasn't drinking. It had nothing to do with Coronas with limes."

* Run, Rizzo, Run.

56:58: The Chicago Fire Did Something This Week.

57:02: A Chicago-Area School Will Win The National Men's Volleyball Championship.


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