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The Beachwood Radio Sports Hour #48: Bulls vs. Blackhawks

Shifting fortunes. Plus: The Network Hockey League; Shark Tank; Cubs Make A Shit Ton Of Money; Jackie Robinson Left; and Mock Draft 5.0!


* Zudoo.

1:15: Network Hockey League.

5:10: So Derrick Rose Might Be, Uh, Back?

* The Rest Of The NBA Should Be Terrified.

* Tony Snell Scores 16 Off Bench In Game 3 Win.

* Here Come The Cavaliers.

* Taj Gibson And Joakim Noah Hurting, But Still Rebounding.

* If you get this kid, the rest of the class will follow.

14:30: Blackhawks Look Beat.

* Ratings game.

* The Buhlin Wall.

20:45: Shark Tank.

* Jeff Samardzija Draws Criticism After White Sox-Royals Brawl.

* Sale Tried To Confront Yordano Ventura In Royals Clubhouse.

* Yordano Ventura Is Baseball's Surliest Little Shit.

* Brouhaha.

* Eaton: "I respect the hell out of that team."

33:45: Never Forget: The Cubs Make A Shit Ton Of Money.

* Squeezing every last penny out of Wrigley Field.

* Three catchers, Edwin Jackson and Kris Bryant in centerfield.

* "It's clear that they purposely have a flawed roster," says Cub Factor impresario Marty Gangler. "They are missing either a veteran utility guy or another veteran bullpen guy. And it's costing them. So you have to say that they are still in tank mode. And they shouldn't be. Soler and Bryant are good to go already."

* Bye bye Baez.

* Alcantara not Zobrist after all.

* Junior Lake!

* Brewers.

* Oh, Barry Bonds, How Could We Have Doubted You?

51:50: Mock Draft 5.0!

54:23: The Chicago Fire Did Something This Week.

54:25: Jackie Robinson Left.

57:22: Cappy Pondexter Draft Day Flashback.

58:05: No. 4 Loyola Begins Post-Season Play.

58:50: Chris Rock On The Disappearance Of Blacks In Baseball.

* Lacrosse Is Actually America's Fastest Growing Sport.



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