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The Beachwood Radio Sports Hour #44: Alice In Cubsland

Where Javy Baez stays up and Kris Bryant goes down. Plus: Coach in Vegas; Our Elite Neighbors; We Hate Christian Laettner; McDonald McPunditry; Daft Town Chicago; Bulls' Secret Plan Coming To Fruition; Blackhawks' Secret Plan Not Coming To Fruition; DePaul's Third Strike; and The Chicago Fire Did Something This Week. (With Show Notes)


* Chuck Foreman.

* Reggie Jackson.

* Jim Brown was No. 32 except maybe in college?

* The Beachwood Radio Sports Hour #43: Kris Bryant Has Ricketts.

* Coach in Vegas.

* MGM Grand Race & Sports Book.

8:38: Our Elite Neighbors.

* Wisconsin, Notre Dame.

* Bracket psychology.

* Gonzaga.

* I Hate Christian Laettner.

* David Kaplan, fanboy.

22:40: Alice in Cubsland.

* Theo Epstein's permanent honeymoon.

* Joe Maddon already infected.

* Baez stays up, Bryant goes down.

34:34: Ray McDonald McPunditry.

* Brad Biggs tanking season; Bears not.

43:47: Daft Town Chicago.

* Jameis Winston.

* Lovie Smith.

* Roger Goodell.

* Rahm Emanuel.

* Choose Chicago.

* Chicago's Big 10 Team.

* Park District Waived Rules For Lucas-Hobson Bash.

* Lucas-Hobson Give $25 Million To Rahm's Kids' School.

* 'Star Wars' Museum: Rahm Emanuel Got Campaign Cash From Disney, George Lucas' Wife, Before Pushing to Donate City Land.

51:13: Bulls' Secret Plan Coming To Fruition.

* GarPaxOdeau seems to be working.

* Bulls Wipe Out Raptors For Season Sweep.

56:11: Blackhawks' Secret Plan Not Coming To Fruition.

58:22: DePaul's Third Strike.

1:00:06: The Chicago Fire Did Something This Week.



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