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The Beachwood Radio Sports Hour #5: Jeff Smartypants vs. Jay Butt-Head

In this edition: What About The Bulls? Our Hero: Jeff Samardiza. This Week In The Sky. U.S. Soccer Has Already Exceeded Expectations. And more!



00: Louuuuuu!

00:38: What About The Bulls?

02:01: The Swoony Sox.

03:19: Major Tom (Coming Home).

03:31: What Would Abraham Lincoln Say About The Cubs?

05:45: Earth below us.

05:54: Hero and Zero of the Week.
* David Haugh.

* Rick Telander.

06:43: Beautiful Delilah/The Earl.

06:50: World Cup.
* U.S. vs. Ghana.

* U.S. vs. Portugal.

* Jozy Altidore.

16:32: The Week in The Sky.
* Get Well, Elena Delle Donne.

* The Miracle That Is Jessica Breland.

18:29: Dudley Do-Right Theme Song.


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