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The Beachwood Radio Sports Hour #39: Rahm's Lips Are Moving

Pols pander; Ponce punts. The Jackie Robinson West charade continues. Plus: Let The Combine Begin! And: Bulls Sit Tight While Rest Of The NBA Goes Trade Crazy; A Pall Over The Blackhawks; Baseball Players Report To Work; and Illini Golf Beats The Cold To Lead The Nation.


* Curtis Enis.

* Newsweek: God On The 50-Yard Line.

7:05: Phil Ponce Punts On JRW.

* JRW lawyer Victor Henderson says tentacles stretch to Las Vegas, Indiana and Pennsylvania, but then say no boundary violations have been found in any of those places. That's just where games were played and decisions were made. No follow-up.

* Mistakes made! This was a purposeful scheme including backdated, forged maps and a cover-up! Ponce lets it go.

* If everybody does it, why hasn't anyone else been caught?

* "I can't say race played a role, but I can't say it didn't either!"

* "After all, this team is named after Jackie Robinson!"

* Henderson is a clown; Ponce lets him be.

* Henderson doesn't want race to be an issue. Has he told Jesse Jackson and Michael Pfleger that?

* Unasked: What would be the appropriate penalty for half a team of ineligible players poached from both city and suburban districts followed by forged and backdated maps and engaging other officials to enact a cover-up?

* Somehow Jon Burge enters this discussion.

* Thanks for stopping by and bullshitting while I just sat here like a lump!

* Danny Almonte Defends Jackie Robinson West: Everybody Does The 'Same Thing.'

* Punishment doesn't fit the crime? At least six of the team's 13 players didn't live in the district.

* Multiple cheating schemes, including fraud and forgery. A backdated forged map! Enlisting other officials in the cover-up!

* Hometown heroes! (Shhhh!)

* It was the scheme involving city kids, not suburban kids, that rung them up.

* Meghan Trainor!

16:30: Let The Combine Begin!

* Is there anything too mundane for the NFL to turn into an event?

* The real event is behind the scenes.

* Surprise! Cutler's contract has a loophole.

* Brian Hoyer's played for three teams, but that's not the point.



* NFL Will Hold Veteran Free Agent Combine In March.

Will it be televised?

* One of Jerry Angelo's worst draft picks.

* One of Jerry Angelo's best draft picks.

* Rashaan Salaam, pothead.

* Sam Hurd, pothead and felon.

39:17: Bulls Calm In Eye Of NBA Trading Storm.

* What The Hell Just Happened? 2015 NBA Trade Deadline Roundup.

* Kobe Bryant as Jiminy Cricket.

* Briggs and Tillman are done.

49:46: Epiphanny Prince Out, Cappie Pondexter In, Pokey Chatman Still Here.

* Cappie played for Marshall.

52:03: Blackhawks Pall.

* NHL trade deadline is March 2.

* Cliff Reif committed suicide.

56:44: Baseball Players Report To Work.

* Poor Tony Campana.

59:01: Illini Golfers Ranked No. 1 In Country.

* Mike Small.



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