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The Beachwood Radio Sports Hour #38: What Pundits Are Getting Wrong About Jackie Robinson West

Almost everything. Plus: Bulls Take Midterm: Blackhawks Slackhawks; The Cubs Are Still A Last-Place Team Until Further Notice; Blue Demons Down; Illinois Up; and Loyola Rambles On.


* Danieal Manning.

1:35: Josh McCown Is Available!

2:18: What Pundits Are Getting Wrong About JRW.

* Positive Coaching Alliance.

* Lower the stakes; no more ESPN.

* Coach Butler has a new gig.

* JRW poached city players, not just suburbanites.

* Forged and backdated map.

* Eric Zorn not getting it.

* Telander.

* Patrolling the pundits. In The [Thursday] Papers.

* Rosenbloom.

* Half the team.

* Screwed: Kids who lost their spots on JRW to ineligible players; kids from neighborhoods who had their best kids poached; kids on other teams who played by the rules.

* White sportswriters feel cheated.

* Race reversal.

* Welles Park Parents Association Youth Baseball.

* This was entirely too much.

* JRW is a longstanding powerhouse, not an underdog.

* Sneed Exclusive: Rahm Emanuel Asked Little League International To Reverse Decision To Strip JRW Title.

26:55: Bulls Take Midterm.

* They passed.

* The Gar Man.

* Garbodeau.

* John Paxon has one job.

* The Snellycat.

* Eight days a week!

39:35: Blackhawks Slackhawks?

* Causes for concern.

* Atlanta Flames.

* California Golden Seals.

48:16: The Cubs Are Still A Last-Place Team Until Further Notice.

* There is no credit for trying in baseball.

* No more excuses.

* San Diego market vs. Chicago market.

53:30: Blue Demons Down.

* DePaul Men Can't Hold Off St. John's.

* But: DePaul Women Play For First Place.

56:38: Illinois Up.

* Illini Go On 21-0 Run To Rally Past Michigan In Overtime.

59:35: Loyola Rambles On.

* Defending men's volleyball champs still nation's top-ranked team.


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