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The Beachwood Radio Sports Hour #365: Wobbly Cubs Change Climate

Front-office fail. Plus: White Sox Begin Ceremonial Second Half; Party Time Italian-Style; Dunkin' Keith; Party Time Bobby Portis-Style; Scottie Gonna Pippen; Bears OLs Catch Up With Cutler; Candace's Cover; Red Stars Pwn Dash; On Wisconsin; and more!

Beachwood Radio Network · The Beachwood Radio Sports Hour #365: Wobbly Cubs Change Climate



* 365.

* Earth's orbit.

* NBC News: The Moon's Natural Wobble Alters Earth's Tides. With Climate Change, That's Bad News.

* Discover: Giant Ripples Under Louisiana Are Evidence Of The Dinosaur-Killing Asteroid Impact.

"When the Chicxulub impact blasted into the Yucatan Peninsula, it generated massive tsunamis that left their signature thousands of miles away."

* Nikkei Asia: Why Asia Loves The Low-Key But Rising Sport Of Badminton.


7:39: Cubs Fire Sale.

* Essentially traded All-Star Kyle Schwarber for Single-A "prospect" Bryce Ball.

* Greenberg, Sun-Times: Cubs May Regret Letting Joc Pederson Go. Seriously.

* Dear Barry Rozner et al . . .

* Sara Sanchez, FanGraphs: Kyle Schwarber Has Leveled Up His Power.

"In D.C., he's worked with Nationals hitting coach Kevin Long, who notably guided Daniel Murphy during his offensive breakthrough with the Mets, to change his swing mechanics into something tighter and better at capitalizing on Schwarber's leg strength . . . "

* Free Willy.

* ProPublica: The Billionaire Playbook: How Sports Owners Use Their Teams To Avoid Millions In Taxes.


35:00: White Sox Begin Ceremonial Second-Half.

* Sanchez, FanGraphs: Yoán Moncada Is A Big Reason The White Sox Are A Juggernaut Despite Injuries.


We hate what Steve Stone has become.


Bonus Stoney.


44:13: It's Party Time, Italian-Style.

* Abby Zimet, Common Dreams: When You Win, You're English. When You Lose, You're Black.

* Andre Spicer, The Conversation: England's Management Style.


48:35: Dunkin' Keith.


55:00 It's Party Time, Bobby Portis-Style.


57:26: Scottie Gonna Pippen.


1:00:06: Bears Offensive Lines Catch Up With Jay Cutler.


1:02:45: Candace's Cover.


1:04:15: Red Stars Pwn Dash.




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