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The Beachwood Radio Sports Hour #355: The La Russa Rules

Don't go near him! Plus: Cubs Might Be Forced To Keep Kris Bryant; The Rest Of The Bears Draft Not So Great; and more!

Beachwood Radio Network · The Beachwood Radio Sports Hour #355: The La Russa Rules



* 355.

:52: Tony Larue.

* La Roosa, like Johnny LaRue.


* Rhodes: "Maybe his coaches don't wanna go near him because he doesn't wear his mask right."

* White Sox bench coach Miguel Cairo is in his first full-time coaching job.

* Sullivan, Tribune: "You may not have known the entire rule either. I sure didn't."

* Rhodes: "People who make their living criticizing others not being able to take criticism themselves is what makes journalists the most hypocritical people on the planet."

* Coffman: "What a joke! What a joke."


36:10: Cubs Might Be Forced To Keep Kris Bryant.

* Most versatile MVP ever?

* Clemens, FanGraphs: Kris Bryant, High Ball Hitter.

* Plus: More like El Castro.

* And: Assignment Desk: Was Pedro Strop the best middle reliever in Cubs history?


58:45: The Rest Of Bears Draft Not So Great.

* Dickerson, ESPN: Analysis For Every Selection.

* Flashback:

* Teven Jenkins: "The number one thing I've always learned is you keep your quarterback clean, you always keep him upright, no matter what you have to do - be dirty, hold, whatever you've got to do."




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