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The Beachwood Radio Sports Hour #36: This Year's Super Bowl Is Peak NFL

Beyond the Square Pool: The Game, The Bets & The Depravity. Plus: As The Bulls Turn & Finally Appreciating Ernie Banks.


* LeRoy Butler.

* Dave Duerson.

1:24: St. Super Bowl's Day.

* A national holiday, sure, but no one gets Monday off.

* This Year's Super Bowl Teams Really Are The Best In Their Conferences. Which almost never happens.

* Marshawn Lynch's Silence Becomes The Story.

* McMahon's headband.

* "I am befuddled that this is a pick 'em . . . there's a real good chance [Seattle] win this game by two, three touchdowns."

* Richard Sherman: An arm and a baby.

* The Beachwood Super Bowl Halftime Show Prop Bet: Katy Perry.

* LaGarrette Blount Is At The Center Of The Latest Conspiracy Theory.

* The Gronker.

22:40: Bears Blackout.

23:23: As The Bulls Turn.

* Mr. Iggy Azalea.

* The Suns beat the Bulls.

* Jeff Van Gundy vs. Bulls management, Chicago media.

* Cowley: Thibodeau And Bulls Seem To Be Headed For A Breakup.

* Thibodeau Defends Aggressive Coaching Style.

* Forman Downplays Tension With Thibodeau.

* Thibodeau Losing The Room?

41:50: Finally Appreciating Ernie Banks.

* Ernie Banks Was Not A Windup Toy Part 1.

* Ernie Banks Was Not A Windup Toy Part 2.

* Ernie Banks' 1986 Dream Game.

* The Legacy Of Ernie Banks.

55:25: Beyond The Square Pool.

* Peak NFL.

* The Super Bowl Is Decadent And Depraved.

* Roger Goodell Blasted For 'Belittling' CNN's Rachel Nichols.

* The Glantz-Culver Line.

* A circus on Mars.

* GQ: Roger Goodell's Season From Hell.



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