The Beachwood Radio Sports Hour #342: Prop Drop

Malarkey, hooey, Barrington and Bowling Brook. Including: Propping Up The Super Bowl; Quarterback Carousel; The Right Side Of The Rivalry; White Sox-Adjacent Twins Have Nice Week; They Call Him Mr. Thibs; Blackhawks Almost On Fire; Roundball Roundup, and more!

Beachwood Radio Network · The Beachwood Radio Sports Hour #342: Prop Drop



* 342.

2:15: Propping Up The Super Bowl.

* Thou shalt not prop bet if thou liveth in Illinois.

* Tom Brady's malarkey and hooey.

* Bearington and Bowling Brook.

* "No risk it, no biscuit."

* What these three coordinators who somehow aren't head-coaching candidates have in common.

23:10: Quarterback Carousel.

* How Derek Carr may become a Bear.

* Mariota, Wentz, Cousins, Bridgewater, Ryan, Garoppolo.

37:30: The Right Side Of The Rivalry.

* Absolute heist.

Meanwhile . . .

* Only six players remain from the Cubs' 2016 World Series 25-man roster.

47:25: White Sox-Adjacent Twins Have Nice Week.

* Sign Alex Colomé, Andrelton Simmons, Nelson Cruz.

53:00: They Call Him Mr. Thibs.

* "Thibodeau was well-paid but out of work from his firing by the Wolves on Jan. 6, 2019, until his hiring by the Knicks on July 30, 2020. It's clear Thibs went through some self-introspection during those 19 months and decided to go with this coaching philosophy:

"'I'm going to coach to win every night, and if that means getting league-leading minutes totals out of my best players, so be it.''

"In other words, no change . . . Thibs is riding his best, playing eight to 10 guys a night, and so far getting more wins than should be the case. As usual."

* Rhodes: For a guy with no personality, Thibs certainly captures people's imagination.

58:22: Blackhawks Almost On Fire.

* Coffman: "Those guys are hitting the ground skating."

1:03:13: Roundball Roundup.

* No. 12 Illinois men.

* No. 20 DePaul women.

* No. 22 Northwestern women.




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