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The Beachwood Radio Sports Hour #338: Halas Hell

No-man's land. Plus: Bye Bye Bam-Bam; As The Crow Retires; Zach LaVine Stuffs Stat Sheet; and Evanston vs. Champaign. Go Padres and Red Stars!

Beachwood Radio Network · The Beachwood Radio Sports Hour #338: Halas Hell



* 338.

* Rozner, Daily Herald: Another Superb Bears Season Ends In Defeat.

Assuming they all keep their jobs, you will hear all of the same authentic frontier gibberish you have heard for six years of GM Ryan Pace, three years of head coach Matt Nagy and four years of Mitch Trubisky, and you will hear all the same next year if they are all back in Lake Forest.

As is always the case, they had a great week of practice leading up to the Saints game.

Trubisky had the best week of practice he's ever had in his life.

The quarterback has learned so much this year and the benching made him a better player.

By giving up the play-call sheet for a short time, Nagy has acquired more knowledge about his job and will be even better next season.

Nagy knows the Bears need to commit to the run, stay with the run and be better at running the football. They have to fix that and they will fix that. Guaranteed.

The Bears made tremendous strides in 2020. The team is on the verge of something great.

The players and coaches all love each other because they fight and they care so much.

They were so close to something very special this season. It was only a matter of a play here or a play there that made the difference.

Those are plays they need to make and they know that, and in 2021 they will make those plays.

They won't talk about who's responsible for those plays, but they know who they are and they know how to get it done next time.

They're going to work extra hard this offseason to ensure they're all better at their jobs next time around.

They're fired up to get down to business and excited about what the future holds.

They're not worried about a lack of cap space because they have a great plan in place for putting a championship team on the field in 2021.

Next year will be the year.

If you've lost track of how many times you've heard each one of these before, no one would blame you. Most people stop listening after the seventh or eighth time.

What's certain is that the Bears have now gone another year without a Super Bowl after the Saints sent them home. And anyone being honest would tell you they are very far from being a Super Bowl team.



* Bears MVP: Cairo Santos.


34:13: It's Gonna Be Packers Vs. Chiefs.

* Quarterback roulette.


43:28: Babe "Bam-Bam" Ruth Has Left The City.



54:22: As The Crow Flies Into Retirement.



58:30: Zach LaVine Stuffs Stat Sheet.

* A star?


59:36: Evanston vs. Champaign.

* Illinois Overcomes Big First Quarter Deficit To Swamp Northwestern.

And then . . .

* Maryland Upsets No. 12 Illinois.




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