The Beachwood Radio Sports Hour #334: Bearnesia

Jesus Christ, people. The previous six-plus years still happened. Plus: Lovie Claus Fired; The White Sox Have Some Good News And Some Bad; Remembering Jimmy Collins; Go Spiders!; and Illini Men vs. DePaul Women.

Beachwood Radio Network · The Beachwood Radio Sports Hour #334: Bearnesia



* 334.

1:25: The Bears Won, Alright.

* Two narratives, each of which can be true. But one is more true than the other.

* Rhodes: "Jesus Christ, one win over a crappy team doesn't erase six years of Ryan Pace's incompetence or multiple decades of the McCaskey's reign of error - or even Matt Nagy's shitty head coaching. Mitch Trubisky isn't suddenly good. The offensive doesn't suddenly 'have an identity.' Khalil Mack showing up now doesn't mean he's 'back.'

"The Texans are a bad team that had a bad game. This changes nothing. Don't have journesia. The pain we've felt for the duration of the Pace era (and before) was real. Stop talking about playoffs."

* Leiser, Sun-Times: Bears' 36-7 Trampling Of Texans Is Nice, But It Changes Nothing About Their Future.

"The Bears finally found a more inept opponent . . . Pounding on one of the worst teams in the NFL doesn't change anything about how badly this team needs a rebuild."

* Morrissey, Sun-Times: A Victory Over The Texans Is A Loss If It Stops The McCaskeys From Making Changes.

* Mitch Hitch.

* Rosenthal, Tribune: "While Cowher was ripping Houston's defense, fellow studio analyst Phil Simms praised Trubisky's mobility and strong arm.

"He's just not accurate," said Simms, a former QB himself. "So he's going to be tremendous - I'm not being smart here - he's going to be a really, really good backup for somebody next year."


39:15 Lovie And His Beard Relieved Of Duties.

* Rutter: "How true some phrases are without intention. Illinois' board is relieved. Illini fans and boosters are relieved. Illini players are relieved if they had any ambitions. Even Lovie is relieved because he doesn't have to show up for work anymore, and he got taxpayers to pay him $20 million for . . . what? We're not sure."

* Coffman: "He wasn't able to get Illinois out of the loser zone."

* The Tribune thinks Lovie's replacement will probably be white.


49:25: The White Sox Have Some Good News And Some Bad News.

* Edwards, FanGraphs: "No matter what metric you use, Lance Lynn has been one of the 10 best pitchers in baseball over the last two years."

* Gregor, Daily Herald: Eaton Says He's Matured As A Player, Will Be A Better Teammate.

* Wallenstein: You Don't Have To Like Adam Eaton.


58:52: Go Spiders!


1:00:33: Remembering Jimmy Collins.

* Tarsitano, WGN-TV: "Collins is the only coach to lead the [UIC] Flames to the NCAA tournament, doing so three times in his 14 years at the helm. He also is the winningest coach in the history of the program, amassing 218 victories and four 20-plus win seasons."

* AP, 1990: Illinois Basketball Put On Probation, Barred From NCAA Tourney.

"The NCAA said 'significant violations occurred.' But it said evidence did not substantiate the most serious allegations - that Illinois offered large sums of cash and cars to lure key recruits to campus.

"The university's recruitment in 1989 of prep star Deon Thomas touched off the investigation. The university said its own probe revealed some minor infractions.

"The NCAA also found the school guilty of improper use of complimentary tickets by former players; the setting aside of NCAA Tournament tickets for purchase by high school coaches; preferential treatment given to three players last year when the players were not required to fill out auto loan applications from a Decatur bank completely; and illegal recruiting contacts by recruiter Jimmy Collins."


1:02:23: Illini Men vs. DePaul Women.

* No. 6 vs. No. 24.




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