The Beachwood Radio Sports Hour #327: Raise The Bears' Taxes

Someone told you so. Plus: Door Matt; Running By A Committee Of One; Meet Sam Mustipher!; Honey, They Shrunk Allen Robinson; Demetrius Harris vs. Kamala Harris; Ginn Din; Nick Foles Plays To The Level Of His Colleagues; DerpFENSE; The Notorious RRH; Biggs Time; and Run Less.

Beachwood Radio Network · The Beachwood Radio Sports Hour #327: Raise The Bears' Taxes



* 327.


:33: Someone Told You So.

* Debacle.

* Now the Bears are the worst 5-2 team in the NFL.

* Jason Goff vs. Jared Goff vs. Jared Kushner.

* Vote Yes For Fairness.


11:25: Door Matt.



16:50: Running By A Committee Of One.

* David Montgomery Ward.


* Corduroy Patterson.

* Ryan Grassy Nall.


21:28: Meet Sam Mustipher!


23:25: Honey, They Shrunk Allen Robinson.


25:31: Demetrius Harris vs. Kamala Harris.


26:50: Ginn Din.



34:25: Nick Foles Plays To The Level Of His Colleagues.


39:28: DerpFENSE.



45:10: The Notorious RRH.


46:05: Biggs Time.

"I was somewhat skeptical about a $30 million investment in 30-year-old Robert Quinn as the replacement for Floyd and I think that's still valid. Maybe the presence of Quinn, who had a really nice play to strip wide receiver Robert Woods on a jet sweep, creating the Eddie Jackson fumble recovery and return touchdown, has helped out with Akiem Hicks and Khalil Mack when it comes to the pass rush. I've always thought if you've got the highest-paid pass rusher in the league, and Mack was that the previous two seasons, you ought not need to go out and drop $30 million guaranteed on another pass rusher so your elite one can get rolling.

"Floyd had two sacks in the game giving him four on the year - one more than he had all last season for the Bears. Quinn has one sack and, as you probably recall, it came on his first snap for the Bears against the Giants."


52:20: Run Less.

* Put Trubisky in the backfield and go West Coast.

* Coffman: "The problem is it would take some imagination from Mr. Nagy, and he's apparently had his imagination amputated."




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