The Beachwood Radio Sports Hour #326: Fire Matt Nagy

If his title was offensive coordinator, that's exactly what everyone would be saying right now. Plus: Stop Lying, Rick Hahn; A Just World Series; Sick Saad World; and Chicago Fire Locking It Down!

Beachwood Radio Network · The Beachwood Radio Sports Hour #326: FIre Matt Nagy



* 326.


3:29: Tripling Down On How Bad This Bears Team Is.

* Coffman: "Just ridiculous stuff out there."

* Dickerson: "The Chicago Bears need to be taken seriously.

"Look, Chicago has flaws - plenty of them. The overall offense, not good enough. The rushing offense, not nearly good enough. The offensive line, yikes. The quarterback play, inconsistent.

"What cannot be disputed is the club's record after six games. Following Sunday's 23-16 victory over the Carolina Panthers, the Bears are 5-1 for the first time since former coach Lovie Smith's final season in 2012.

"Entering this season, there were 102 teams that started 5-1 since the NFL went to 12 playoff teams in 1990, and 85 went on to make the playoffs (83.3%), according to ESPN Stats & Information.

"Ironically, the Bears ended up missing the playoffs despite their hot start in 2012, but the NFL expanded the playoff field to 14 teams for 2020."

* Biggs: "The Chicago Bears are in 1st place despite almost no help from the offense. Matt Nagy still is trying to figure out the 'why' part, and this will be a flawed team until he does.

"Matt Nagy made a rare appeal to respect what the Chicago Bears defense has done. Pity he can't call a game to do that as his offense continues to struggle . . .

"The first play was puzzling as Nick Foles threw to tight end Jimmy Graham, who doesn't run well, in the flat. Predictably, he didn't get far on a 1-yard gain. David Montgomery gained 2 yards on second down, and then chaos ensued.

"Nagy wound up calling a timeout to sort out what they wanted to do, and the Bears went from that to a delay-of-game penalty"

* Nick Foles:

Screen Shot 2020-10-19 at 3.13.39 PM.png


40:00: Stop Lying, Rick Hahn.

* Like his boys, Rickey Renteria does not quit. He was fired.

* Wallenstein: Neither La Russa Nor Hinch.

* 100 People Who Would Be A Better Choice Than Tony La Russa To Manage The White Sox.


48:08: A Just World Series.

* A rarity: the two teams with most regular season wins make it to the finals.


55:18: Sick Saad World.

* Much ado about Brandon.

* Lazerus: Is Corey Crawford The Best Goaltender In Blackhawks History?


101:58: Chicago Fire Locking It Down!

* About as good as the Bears, with similar playoff chances.




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