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The Beachwood Radio Sports Hour #322: The Bears' Bad Day

Karma chameleons. Plus: Colin Kaepernick Still Screwed; White Sox vs. Dodgers; Cubs Somehow Still In First Place; Assisting Courtney; Red Stars Return To The Geek; and Lionel Messi Not Signing With The Fire.

Beachwood Radio Network ยท The Beachwood Radio Sports Hour #322: The Bears' Bad Day



* 322.

* Room 222.

* "The Games Bunkers Play."

Lionel: Yeah, just once I'd like for you to talk to me like I was Lionel Jefferson, and not a representative of the whole black race.

Mike: Oh, come on, Lionel, I don't do that!

Lionel: Sure! What's the first thing you say whenever I see you? Always something about the black problem, right?

Mike: Well, what do you want me to talk about, the weather?

Lionel: Sometimes, yeah. I mean, black people have weather too, you know!


5:54: The NFL Owes Colin Kaepernick Much More Than A Lame, Institutional Apology.

* Robinson, Yahoo: This Is Why Colin Kaepernick Ripped NFL Videos On Social Justice

* Negley, Yahoo: Colin Kaepernick's All-Black Nike Jersey Sells Out Immediately.


11:18: Underreaction Friday.

* Coffman: Bears Outluck Lions.

* Karma chameleons.

* Seligman, AP: Robinson Expects To Stay With Bears For Rest Of Season.

* Barnwell: Stats & Nuggets!


38:08: Better Than The Dodgers?

* Abreu's edge.

* McCann's the man.

* Dallas has a problem.


49:48: Cubs Somehow Still In First Place.

* Rhodes: "The offense is still broken, Jim!"

* Mooney, The Athletic: How The Cubs Targeted Alec Mills Trying To Trade For The Next Kyle Hendricks.

* Phillies Hoped For More When They Invested $75 Million In Jake Arrieta?


1:06:22: Assisting Courtney.


1:07:40: Red Stars Return To The Geek.


1:08:13: Lionel Messi Not Signing With Fire.




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