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The Beachwood Radio Sports Hour #321: The Bears Will Not Win 8½ Games This Year

Beachwood taking the under. Plus: NFL Lifts Lid With Mitch Bowl; George And Virginia Really On It This Year; The White Sox' Superlicious Schedule; Cubs Cling To Lead Over COVIDY Cards; Sky Falling, Crying; Fire Down Below; Red Stars Restart; Breaking Baffert, and more!

Beachwood Radio Network · The Beachwood Radio Sports Hour #312: The Bears Will Not Win 8½ Games This Year



* 321.

1:44: NFL Lifts Its Lid With The Mitch Bowl.

* Bears also missed out on Tom Brady.

* Coffman's chalky favorites: Chiefs, Ravens, 49ers.

10:35: George And Virginia Really On It This Year.

* Same stories, new season.

11:47: Defensive Maneuvers.

* Undercovered holes at all three levels.

13:40: Stop Repeating That Meaningless Lions Statistic.

* Unless he gets hurt, Stafford (and Kenny Golladay) will light Bears up.

* Trubisky unlikely to do the same to the Lions.

16:03 The Mighty Quinn?




* Leonard Floyd is on a one-year deal with the Rams.

17:10: Bilal Nichols Is No Eddie Goldman.

* Or EG's been overhyped all these years.

18:57: Safety Valve.

* Eddie Jackson will play alongside garbage again.

22:12: Lions The Favorite Except Among Bears Media.

* Another Chicago coinkydink.

23:20: Biggs Time.

* Montgomery mystery.

* Coffman: Bears Lose QB Competition.

28:00: Well Played, Parkins.

* A whole new Mitch - again.

* Improved footwork is a means not an end.

30:36: Robbing ARob?

* The one blue-chip player on offense they have.

33:13: The White Sox' Superlicious Schedule.

* Twins, Cleveland, Cubs.

* Triple Crown?

40:41: Cubs Cling To Lead Over COVIDY Cards.

* The Dodgers are the best by a long shot, though.

* Wavin' Will.

* Ian's Happening.

* Yu Too.

* Baby Baez.

* Lester losing it.

* The Texas Bubble.

* Martinez, Sousa, yeesh.

57:15: Army Sucks.

* So does Navy.

59:27: The Sky Is Falling/Crying Pick Your Cliche Or Song Reference. Maybe it's Empty.

* Four consecutive losses.

1:00:24: Red Stars Restart.

* Open Fall Series on Saturday.

* Return to The Geek on the 20th.

1:02:15: The Fire Down Below.

* Multi-goal shellackings.

1:02:57: Breaking Baffert.

* Chambers: Authentically Depraved.




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