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The Beachwood Radio Sports Hour #33: The Bears' Two And A Half Men Make Their Move

George & Ted's Half-Assed Adventure. Plus: Spelling Derrick Rose Without The 'D'; The NFL Playoff Spread; South Side Cubs; and The Blackhawks Are Who We Thought They Were.


* Gimme a Pippen!

* Tony Dorsett.

* Larry Bird.

* Rules for basketball numbers.

1:45: Bears Continue To Dominate Offseason.

* John Fox comes from the defense.

* Boy Pace.

* Notable Eastern Illinois alumni.

* Lynch Headed To CFL.

* "Face it, you started looking to better-deal her the minute you got here!"

* Accounts differ, but:

* The Beachwood Radio Sports Hour #32: The Bears Have Already Blown It.

* Bears Brass: Two And A Half Men.

* The Bears are now the Cubs. And so are the Cubs.

* Tim Jennings was out drinking the night before and therefore late for his parent-teacher conferences and . . .

* Jay Cutler, buzzkill.

* Winnipeg Blue Bombers.

31:08: Blackhawks Are Who We Thought They Were.

* Seymon Varlamov.

* Richards didn't just shoot the puck - he passed it back to Kane.

35:00: Derrick Rose's Slump Extends To Defensive End, Too.

* Spelling Derrick without the "D."

* Bulls Luck In Landing Two Core Pieces In 2011 Draft Residue Of Design.

42:35: South Side Cubs.

* Samardzija, Bonifacio, Campana.

* Tuffy Rhodes.

* The Sporting Bible.

* Betting odds leverage the idiocy of the masses; the smart gambler finds value in the difference between the perception of the masses and reality.

49:05: Chris Christie's Cowboys.

51:17: Je Suis Charlie.

53:41: Matt Flynn vs. Russell Wilson.

* Olivia Munn, Joe Flacco, John Harbaugh.

1:02:24: Our Man On The Line.

* Playing halvsies in Dallas.

* Detroit Lyin'.

* The road 'dog is live, y'all!

* Overs, unders.

* It's all about Aaron.

* The Ice Bowl.

* Smoke, mirrors and Luck!



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