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The Beachwood Radio Sports Hour #318: Crosstown Cruise

Chicago baseball is having a moment. Plus: Blackhawks Bleak; Boylen-Free Bulls Begin; Breaking News From Bears Training Camp: Everybody Looks Great!; College Football Collapse; Sky High; Fire Below; and more!

Beachwood Radio Network · The Beachwood Radio Sports Hour #318: Crosstown Cruise



* 318.

1:40: Blackhawks Bleak.

* Coffman: Blackhawks Blown Out Of Bubble.

* Golden Knights in White Satin.

* Here comes the Kraken.


15:01: Cubs Cruising.

* Coffman: "All hail David Bote!"

* Clemens, FanGraphs: I Respect You Too Much To Make This Title An Ian Happ Pun.

* Wittenmyer, NBC Sports Chicago: Cubs Should Drop Bryant From Leadoff Spot Until He's Well.

* Dorsey, Sun-Times: Is Craig Kimbrel Returning To Form?

* Bastian, MLB: Yu Darvish Slowing Down, Having Success.


32:28: WKRP in Chicago.


Venus Flytrap.


Kelly Leak.


40:44: Boylen-Free Bulls Begin.

* Sam Smith's Mock Draft.


45:42: Breaking News From Bears Training Camp: Everybody Looks Great!

* Why that's really bad news.


50:50: College Football's Collapse.

* Noah not that upset.


56:52 Sky High.


59:00: Fire Below.




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