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The Beachwood Radio Sports Hour #315: Seasons Greetings

Worst baseball season ever. Shut it down. Plus: Kubs Killers; Rickey Boylen; Chicago Vikings; Blackhawks Bubble; Eddie Goldman Opts Out; Remembering Lou Henson; Jim Boylen Is Still Here And We're Here; and Sky High, Fire Fluke.

Beachwood Radio Network ยท The Beachwood Radio Sports Hour #315: Seasons Greetings



* 315.

1:38: Seriously, How Can MLB Go On?

* South Florida Sun-Sentinel: Positive COVID-19 Tests Keep Coming: Now 18 Marlins Infected.

* CNN: MLB's Phillies Say Two Staffers Tested Positive For Coronavirus After Playing Marlins.

* Bubblicious.

* New IHSA schedule.

* Cancun, Indiana.

14:51: Kubs Killers.

* Coffman: Most Unpleasant Win Ever.

* Craig "Rusty" Kimbrel.

23:45: Rickey Boylen.

* Ozzie Renteria.

26:42: The Chicago Vikings.

* NWSL appears to have pulled it off.

32:18: Blackhawks Bubble.

* Does Home-Field Advantage Exist Without Fans?

37:37: Eddie Goldman Opts Out.

* A true Patriot.

41:01: Remembering Lou Henson.

* Coffman: "As much of a legend as they have."

43:53: Jim Boylen Is Still Here And We're Scared.

* What's the dealio?

48:56: Sky High, Fire Fluke.

* Plus, Pandemic Baseball.


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