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The Beachwood Radio Sports Hour #312: Options & Futures

We're day-to-day, folks. Including: Play (COVID) Ball!; Unless Someone Dies, Part 2; Blackhawk's Life Mattered; Cubs Closer Posers; If The Pros Can't Get It Together, How Can High Schools And Colleges?; Oh, Canada; WNBA Dedicates Season To Social Justice; Red Stars Life, and more!

Beachwood Radio Network ยท The Beachwood Radio Sports Hour #312: Options & Futures



* 312.

* Youth softball is on!

* The Positive Coaching Alliance.

* Noahbbatacola.


7:07: Play (COVID) Ball!

* Coffman: "Let's bust out all the classics."

* The Wrigleyville petri dish.

* Sun-Times: 2 Hurt In River North Shootout Involving Concealed-Carry Holder.

* Capitol Fax: Pick a lane, Wirepoints.


18:13 Unless Someone Dies, Part 2.




30:07: Blackhawk's Life Mattered.

* Rutter: "Blackhawks management and their fans are laboring under a self-enhanced delusion. Just because you stole something a long time ago does not make it yours."

* Rutter: A Blackhawks Proposal.


33:44: Cubs Closer Posers.

* Tribune: Cubs Release Morrow.

* AP: Craig Kimbrel Looking To Bounce Back After Tough Debut With Cubs.


38:49: Pandemic PECOTA!


50:36: If The Pros Can't Get It Together, How Can High Schools And Colleges?

* Washington Post: The College Football Season Is In Trouble.

* Yahoo: Dallas Schools Superintendent Has Serious Doubts About Texas High School Football In The Fall.

* Sun-Times: IHSA Revises Return-To-Play Rules, Won't Allow Any Physical Contact At Summer Practices.

* Tribune: Chicago Public Schools Student Athletes Can Start Summer Workouts Next Week, But with COVID-19 Precautions.


55:10 Oh, Canada.

* NHL: Edmonton, Toronto Chosen As Hub Cities For NHL Return-To-Play Plan.


1:00:27: WNBA Dedicates Season To Social Justice.


1:04:35: Red Stars Life.






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