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The Beachwood Radio Sports Hour #311: Unless Someone Dies

Sports now really a life and death proposition. Plus: The Washington Appropriators: Coach Loves The Princess Bride; Seeing Red Stars; Q-Anon; COVID Cubbie; Dash Cam; Hubba Bubbles; I'd Tap That; and Beachwood Sports Specials.

Beachwood Radio Network ยท The Beachwood Radio Sports Hour #311: Unless Someone Dies



* 311.

:49: So Much News For So Little Sport.

* Coffman: Your Move, Dan.


14:35: Coach Loves The Princess Bride.


22:30: Seeing Red Stars.


26:26: Is Baseball Back To Stay?

* Coffman: "Things are going forward unless someone dies.


30:26: Q-Anon.

* Those had to be awfully sharp dishes. We suspect the Deep State.


38:09: COVID Cubbie.


39:55: The State Of Play.

* Absurdities and assumptions.

* Wired: Women's Roller Derby Has A Plan For COVID-19, And It Kicks Ass.


48:17: Dash Cam.


54:06: Hubba Bubbles.

* Sun-Times: NHL Will Reportedly Reject Chicago, Choose Toronto And Edmonton As Hub Cities.

* Tribune: Chicago May Host Second NBA Bubble.


57:27: I'd Tap That.


58:22: Beachwood Sports Specials.

* Wallenstein: Service Time.

* Rutter: Remember The '85 Bears? No, Actually You Don't.

* Mashable: Sorry Internet, Sinbad Never Played A Genie And Shazam Doesn't Exist.




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