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The Beachwood Radio Sports Hour #310: Baseball Is Back! (But Is It Really?)

The virus doesn't care how much you want to watch a game. Plus: Other Sports Are Also Back Pending Death; Pandemic Baseball Sucks; Hub Bubs; Hall Of Fame Hossa; The Mystery Of Mitch's Motivation; Choking On Chalk; and It Was Unmistakably A Noose.

Beachwood Radio Network ยท The Beachwood Radio Sports Hour #310: Baseball Is Back! (But Is It Really?)



* 310.

1:30: The Red Stars Are Back!

* "The NWSL will be the first U.S. team-based league to return to play on Saturday with its Challenge Cup. (The Orlando Pride pulled out after several players tested positive.)"

* FiveThirtyEight: Megan Rapinoe And Tobin Heath Have Opted Out. But There's Still Lots To Root For In The NWSL.

4:46: Sports Are Back!

July 5: Formula One restarts

July 8: MLS is Back Tournament starts

July 10: NHL training camps open

July 23-24: MLB Opening Day

July 24: WNBA projected to start regular season

July 25: PLL begins its Championship Series tournament

July 30: NBA projected to restart

7:00 Sports Are Maybe Back, Pending Various State Lockdown Rules And An Athlete Dying.

* Coffman: "We are so far into unchartered territory now it's hard to know where to begin."

* Coffman: "College football is essentially morally bereft."

* Safely Reopening High School Sports Is Going To Be A Lot Harder Than College And The Pros.

* MDT: Mountain Daylight Time.

* You first.


* Tell us about it . . .


33:15: Pandemic Baseball Sucks.

* FanGraphs: Team Entropy Could Be the Real Winner In A 60-Game Season.

* FanGraphs: Billy Hamilton, On Second, With No Outs.

* FanGraphs: So Just How Much Less Baseball Will The New Extra Innings Rule Give Us?

* The asterisk on the season:


40:20: Hub Bubs.

43:34: Hall Of Fame Hossa.

* (And Doug Wilson.)

44:58: The NFL Might Also Be Back! (Maybe).

47:30: The Mystery Of Mitch's Motivation.

* Rutter: "Trubisky requires what the equally unsolvable predecessor Jay Cutler also could have used - a rewired network of mental operational connections."

* In the arena:

53:25: Choking On Chalk.

* Chambers: "The operating BS of the majority is that if one horse wins all three of the races this year, it will be a Triple Crown. No. And. NO!"

In other words . . .


56:50: It Was Unmistakably A Noose.

* Coffman: Ride, Sherman, Ride!




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