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The Beachwood Radio Sports Hour #306: Baseball Is Blowing It

Billionaire owners cry poor, as usual. Plus: Our Hearts Ache For Minneapolis; Illinois Provides Week's Top Sports Story; Last Dance Remnants; The Blackhawks Just Undeservedly Made The Playoffs; Kaner & The Breadman; Reopening Sports; Remembering Biff Pocaroba!; Thibs Lives!; Biggs's Bag; and Chicago-Based Wilson Gets Back The NBA's Official Game Ball.

Beachwood Radio Network · The Beachwood Radio Sports Hour #306: Baseball Is Blowing It



* 306.

* Rod Carew's career batting average is .328.

* ABC News: A Look Inside South Korean Baseball's Elaborate 'Cheer Culture.'

3:34: Our Hearts Ache For Minneapolis


12:03: Illinois Provides This Week's Top Sports Story.

16:32: Last Dance Afterparty.

* Coffman: Be Like Jerry.

* Jordan's rules:

* Lance Armstrong: Also a psychopath!

23:35: The Blackhawks Just Undeservedly Made The Playoffs.

* Bruins, Lightning Still Betting Favorites To Win The Stanley Cup. Blackhawks Quite Not.

31:55: Kaner & The Breadman.

Last month, Kane made waves by saying skating on the same line with Panarin was the "funnest hockey" he's ever played.

How could that be when he'd won three Cups with other teams and linemates, but he never even won as much as a single playoff series alongside the Breadman?

"After I said that I thought about it a little bit and I didn't want that to-- I don't know if that came across the right way," Kane said. "Those years from 2009-2015 for me, that was so fun . . . playing on winning, Stanley Cup champion teams, that's as fun as it's going to get.

"When I was playing with Panarin I felt like, for me personally, that was like 'this is how hockey should be played.' This was just two players combining their talents and having the chemistry... it wasn't like anything was planned or set in stone. We just figured it out on the go. Then after 10 or 15 games you figure out the spots you want to go to.

"It became pretty natural playing with him. It was really, really fun hockey playing with him for those two years. For me personally, that was the most chemistry I've probably had with someone, just natural, instinctive chemistry to play that hockey with someone.

"I'm glad I got to do that with him."

36:35: Reopening Sports.

* KFVS-TV: Patron-Free Horse Racing Returning To Illinois.

* Tribune: Chicago Red Stars, NWSL To Return June 27.

* ESPN: Premier League Clubs And Players React To June 17 Restart.

* UPDATE since recording this show: Serie A Gets Green Light To Return June 20.

* Hot Time in Old Town: MLS Getting Closer: Chicago Fire Return To Training.

* The NBA: Make it Madness!

45:38: Baseball Is Blowing It.






52:23: Remembering Biff Pocaroba!

* Sports Illustrated: "Pocoroba was a fan favorite because of his name and his baseball cards also drew attention. Many who grew up in that era (like the writer of this article) had some of Pocoroba's cards. As a matter of fact, the first ever baseball card I ever got was Pocoroba's 1978 Topps card.

"Here is a funny story from the San Diego Union-Tribune that mentioned the one time Ted Turner tried to trade Pocoroba to the Padres for the San Diego Chicken."

53:07: Thibs Lives!

55:52: Biggs's Bag.

1:02:20: Chicago-Based Wilson Now The Official Game Ball Of The NBA.




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