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The Beachwood Radio Sports Hour #305: The Last Dance Has Been Danced

Bad pizza, Cheap Trick and Luc Longley. Plus: Remembering Jerry Sloan & Michael McCaskey; Matt Nagy Admits What Media Toadies Won't; The Bundesliga, NASCAR, Golf And The Pseudo-Triple Crown Are (Sorta) Back; and Steve's New iPhone And The Saga Surrounding It.

Beachwood Radio Network · The Beachwood Radio Sports Hour #305: The Last Dance Has Been Danced



* 305.

:13: Steve's New Phone And The Saga Surrounding It.

* Chen, New York Times: Apple iPhone SE Review: A Superb Smartphone For A Humble Price.

Rhodes Note: We live in a world where $400 is a humble price, but so be it. Should be $99, though.

* Maybe this isn't new, but it is to me: You can now buy "certified pre-owned" phones.

* FYI: Phones stores are "essential." My Verizon store rep told me they're serving a lot first responders who need to keep their phones working - or simply need a working phone.

* Damn you, White Sox!

* Rhodes: "Mundanity is being heightened."

12:20: Remembering Jerry Sloan.

* NBA: Hall Of Fame Coach Jerry Sloan Passes Away At 78.

* Sun-Times: Jerry Sloan Remembered As "The Original Bull."

* Sam Smith:


* Coffman Note: "Hey, in the aftermath of me saying Jerry Sloan didn't win championships, it turns out (and it occurs to me now of course that you probably read this in David Rutter's column ('So Long, Jerry') as well) that Evansville played Division II men's basketball in the '60s into the early '70s and that Sloan led them to Division II national titles in '64 and '65. in fact the '65 championship capped off an undefeated, 29-0 season."


24:49: The Last Dance Has Been Danced.

* Coffman: They Weren't Coming Back.

* Rhodes: When They Broke Up The Bulls.

* Luc Longley!

* Scottie Pippen is the Cheap Trick of the NBA.

* Greenberg, Sun-Times: Scottie Pippen Was The Ultimate Wingman, But The No. 2 Player In The '90s? That's A Stretch.

* Coffman: "18 Fouls To Give."

* The Bad Pizza Game:

* CBS Sports: Former Jazz Forward Anotoine Carr Says Bulls Had Playboy Models Deliver Cake To Hotel Rooms During NBA Finals.

* What Michael Jordan Was Really Listening To.

* CBS Sports: VICE TV Releasing One Man And His Shoes Documentary, On The Story Behind Michael Jordan's Nike Sneakers.

48:45: Remembering Michael McCaskey.

* Coffman: "It was what it was."

52:53: Matt Nagy Admits What Media Toadies Won't.

* September 2019: Matt Nagy Defends Not Playing His Starters In Preseason.

* May 15, 2020: Matt Nagy Confirms Bears Starters Will Play In 2020 Preseason Games.

* Plus . . . Barnwell: Ranking 2020 Offseasons For All 32 NFL Teams.

1:00:35: The Bundesliga Is Back! As Is NASCAR, Golf And The Pseudo-Triple Crown.

* Inadvertently all mic'd up!




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