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The Beachwood Radio Sports Hour #304: The Literary Themes Of The Last Dance

Greed, ego, pride, backstabbing, rivalry, treachery, betrayal - everything but the sex. Plus: If This Is What The Post-Lockdown Sports World Will Look Like, Let's Keep It Locked Down; The Bundesliga Is Back!; Biggs Time Is Back!; and Baseball Is Not (Quite) Back!



* 304.

* Tribune: Rainfall Sets Daily Record At O'Hare.

* Coffman Quarantine Check-In: "Four of the members of the family have not been terribly efficient the last 60 days or so."

* The DePaulia: DePaul Students Sue University For Partial Tuition Refund After COVID-19 Shutdown.

* Grocery stores and bodegas.

9:40: The Bundesliga Is Back!

* And under the microscope.

* Dortmund vs. Schalke!

15:22: If This Is What The Post-Lockdown Sports World Will Look Like, Let's Keep It Locked Down.

* Rhodes: "It's like the methadone of poker."

22:06: The Literary Themes Of The Last Dance.

* Coffman: Michael Jordan's Regrets(?)

* Wallenstein: How Jordan Led?

* Souhan: Michael Jordan Making The Majors Would Have Been A Minor Miracle.

* In His First Game Back After Baseball, Michael Jordan Wore His Shorts Backwards:

* The 1.8 Seconds Chicago Will Never Forget.

* CBS2 Chicago: Heir Jordans: Michael Jordan's Kids Reflect On The Last Dance, Growing Up With A Legend

1:03:27: Biggs Time Is Back!

* Rhodes: Bears still don't have a running back.

1:10:19: Baseball Is Not (Quite) Back!

* Owners Approve Proposal For July Start.




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