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The Beachwood Radio Sports Hour #301: Ryan Pace's Last Dance

A draft about nothing. Plus: The Latest Last Dance; Cubs Mailbag; The Minnesota Blackhawks; Sky Watch; GRONK!; and the World's Greatest Race Car Driver.

Beachwood Radio Network · The Beachwood Radio Sports Hour #301: Ryan Pace's Last Dance



* 301.

1:18: Q Life.

* "Review is about something, preview is about nothing."

4:21: Ryan Pace's Last Dance.

* Coffman: Don't Draft For Need.

* ESPN: Bears Select Notre Dame's Cole Kmet In NFL Draft, Giving Team 10 Tight Ends.

* 247 Sports Bears New CB Jaylon Johnson Says His Shoulder Is Healed.

* Fox: Eagles Turn Heads With Jalen Hurts Selection, GM Says Quarterback Was Best On Board.

* Bears: "We have signed four players to one-year contracts - OL Jason Spriggs, K Ramiz Ahmed, OL Rashaad Coward and TE J.P. Holtz. We have released TE Trey Burton."

30:31: Around The NFC North.

* Vikings up, Packers down, Lions treading water.

* Coffman: "The Bears are running in place, and that place is last."



"Pace has gotta Pace."

ME: So he traded a fourth for a fifth?



41:31: GRONK!

* Morrissey: Oh Great, Now We Have To Bemoan Tom Brady And Rob Gronkowski Not In Bears Uniforms.

48:48: Cubs Mailbag.

53:59: The Minnesota Blackhawks.

56:15: The Latest Last Dance.

1:03:46: Sky Watch.

* Chicago Sky's Stefanie Dolson Says Entire Family Had COVID-19

* Chicago Sky Pick Oregon Forward Ruthy Hebard In WNBA Virtual Draft.

Born in Chicago.

1:06:33: Stirling Moss, One of the Greatest Drivers of All Time, Dies at 90.

* New York Times: "Known for his brash, puckish persona, he won 212 of his 529 races, including 16 Grand Prix victories, but never won the Grand Prix Championship title."




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1. From Tom Chambers:

Running TAG-TEAM, the Packers AND their fans love to love their quarterbacks and they they love to hate their quarterbacks.

* Bart Starr retired probably one year before they would have turned on him. Then, as coach, out of loyalty, they had a bunch of losing seasons and the BIG rumor was that somebody killed the Starr's dog in his front yard.

* Same with Favre. They were in complete denial with his interceptions as long as they won. Then fans and management wanted him out, but he wouldn't leave! Until he signed with the Jets - and then the hated Vikings, which they really hated. That was an era when Favre beat a Percocet addiction, messed around, a lot of them would limo to Chicago on the day off, and their top receiver (I think it was Lofton) was accused of sexual assault, and Mark Chmura cavorted with high schoolers in a hot tub but beat the rap: I don't think he would have today.

* Rodgers. Rumors have been flying a few years that Rodgers is a total ass and prima donna. Where do they come from? Leaks of behavior. The Green Bay media and others (Lee Remmel of the Press-Gazette was on the Packers Board!) This is the classic pattern. Packers did screw up, I could gain 11 yards on those guys. No defense for years.

You're right, Coach, the Rodgers cap problem is huge. Maybe he is a jerk, but he's the second-best QB they've ever had, after Starr.

At least it's easy for Bears fans. We've NEVER had a quarterback.

I know only one or two actually smart Packer fans but you wait, 2-3 and 3-5 or something? They will turn on Rodgers, fueled by ownership.

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