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The Beachwood Radio Sports Hour #31: Sweet Action! A Special Report On Sports Gambling

Our man on campus and our man on the rail join the show to discuss NBA Commissioner Adam Silver's call to legalize and regulate (and presumably tax) sports gambling, something we're loosely familiar with - and by loosely we mean tightly. Let's just say we know people who know people. And they know people too. But would legalized sports gambling really be everything we would hope it to be? Could a Chicago casino include a sportsbook? Would legalization kill the romance? And who do you like in the fourth at Santa Anita? We've got the answers.


* Our man on campus, Mike Luce.

With Natalie Bauer in Costa Rica on their honeymoon!

* Our man on the rail, Tom Chambers.

Appleton, Wisconsin.

* Our man at the controls, Steve Rhodes.

The first school project I can remember ever doing was on sports gambling. I included a section on biorhythms. The next project I can remember was on the Great Lakes.

1:38: Part 1: For Entertainment Purposes Only.

* NBA Commissioner Adam Silver: Legalize And Regulate Sports Betting.

* Last known photo of Uncle Hank.

* The NHL in Vegas.

* Home team betting rules.

* Forbes: The Rich Reality Of Fantasy Sports: A $1.7B Industry By 2017.

* Why Injury Reports Exist.

* Playing For The Mob: How Goodfella Henry Hill Fixed College Basketball Games.

* Referee Tim Donaghy And The 2007 NBA Betting Scandal.

* UNLV: The House Edge: "Because this positive house edge exists for virtually all bets in a casino (ignoring the poker room and sports book where a few professionals can make a living), gamblers are faced with an uphill and, in the long run, losing battle."

* Players At Indian Slots Have No Clue On Payout.

* Certified Loose.

* Horseshoe Cincinnati.

* The Mud Bug.

* Churchill Downs Building Online Casino In Louisville.

* Governing: Floating Absurdity.

* Casino Gambling In Tunica, Mississippi.

* Rivers Casino in Des Plaines.

* Drewrys.

* Bohemia Clasica.

* Sam Adams Rebel.

38:55: Part 2: We Know People Who Know People. Who Know People.

* Normalizing organized crime.

* Gotta be in it to win it.

* Illinois Severs Ties With Private Manager.

* How State Lotteries Deliberately Exploit People's Dreams.

* Convicted Sex Offender Wins $3 Million Florida Lottery.

* The elephant in the room: The action.

* Sweet action.

* NFL Red Zone Channel.

* Jimmy the Greek.

* Brent Musburger Has Plenty Of Interesting Thoughts On Gambling.

* Hank Goldberg.

* The chalk.

* Skip Bayless in the Tribune: Send A Message: Drop Point Spreads.

* NHL Odds.

* MLB Odds.

* Pete Rose's Reckless Gamble.

* Gambling And The Alpha Dog.

* The Croupier.

* Gimme a Pippen.

* Hint: Take Florida State and the points.

* Atlantic City's Battered Casinos.

* Chris Christie's Gambling Problem.

* President Bush Signs Law Banning Internet Gambling.



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