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The Beachwood Radio Sports Hour #296: Foles Gold

Least bad move. Plus: Alternate Sports Programming; Thank You (Again), NFL!; Tom Brady Is A Buccaneer; Bears Transactions; Bowman (& Co.) Will Be Back; Gar Forman On Way Out Again; UICUL8R; Elk Grove Village Bails On Bahamas Bowl; Cubs, White Sox DNP.



* 296.

1:19: Our Sports Programming Suggestions.

* The 1985 Bears!

* The 7th Inning Stretch.

3:24: Thank You, NFL!

* Coffman: "With everything else essentially shut down in world sports other than Mexican and Russian professional soccer, I would like to express my humble thanks for the ongoing football offseason."

4:11 Foles Gold.

* Maske, Washington Post: Winners And Losers (So Far) In NFL Free Agency.

17:55: Thank You Again, NFL!

* Tom Brady is a Buccaneer. (How weird is that?)

* Deion Sanders vs. Bo Jackson:


* Kelsea Ballerini / "Miss Me More"


* Who is Jarrett Stidham?

* Barnwell: Grading Tom Brady's Move To The Bucs: The Facts, Fiction And Fit For The GOAT In Tampa.

* Rams release Todd Gurley; Falcons sign Todd Gurley.

* Ryan Tannehill re-signs with the Titans; Marcus Mariota goes to the Raiders.

33:20: Other Bears Transactions.

* Laurence Holmes on the Jimmy Graham signing: "The Packers are looking to upgrade from him, the Bears are looking to upgrade to him."

* Quinn is in; Floyd is oyd.

* Scales the Snapper returns.

* Cornelius Lucas leaves for Washington.

* Roy Robertson-Harris tendered.

* Ha Ha Deon Bush re-signs with the Bears.

45:26: Bears Now Have Better Chance Of Making Playoffs.

* NFL adds a 17th game and another wild card team.

* ESPN: The 15 Best NFL Free Agents Still Available.

48:28: Bowman (& Co.) Will Be Back.

50:52: Gar Forman On Way Out Again.

51:38: UICUL8R.

52:52: Elk Grove Village Bails On Bahamas Bowl.

53:13: TrackNotes: Indictment Of An Industry.

* Drape, New York Times: Close The Schools And Bars And Stay Home, But Keep The Horses Racing.

54:18: Cubs, White Sox DNP.


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