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The Beachwood Radio Sports Hour #295: The Day The Sports Died

Cancel culture. Plus: March Sadness; Summer Training; NBA & NHL Lose Their Christmas; Do Draft Day Digitally; Baffling Bears; Blackhawks Go Out On A High Note; Bulls Go Out On A High Note; Michael Kopech A Little Geeked; Deja Cub; Illinois Hoops Nation; Fire Singe Revolution; Can Gambling Juice Fandom For Women's Sports?; and The Ex-Cub Factor.



* 295.

* Sun-Times: NASCAR, Cricket, Darts Among Gamblers' Choices As Coronavirus Crimps Illinois Sports Betting Launch.

* J.B. Pritzker is actually doing a damn good job.

* Rhodes correction: Of course I voted for J.B. Pritzker! I was thinking of the Democratic primary, which I didn't vote in because I don't believe journalists should vote in primaries (it's a party activity), but I ultimately hoped Daniel Biss would win. More importantly, I voted against Bruce Rauner.

* Tipping point: Rudy Gobert.

10:11: March Sadness.

* They should still do the brackets!

* How historical racing works.

* The eSports Leagues And Events Affected By Coronavirus.

14:42: Summer Training.

16:50: NBA & NHL Lose Their Christmas.

* Not so fast, says Coach!

20:08: Do Draft Day Digitally.

* Go for it, NFL.

20:54: Baffling Bears.

* Barbieri: 5 Takeaways From Danny Trevathan's 3-Year Extension.

* Biggs Time: Is the franchise willing to admit it made a mistake? Is an offensive tackle a good idea in Round 2? Is Jalen Hurts a target for Ryan Pace?

* Coffman: Andy Dalton is their best option.

30:00: Blackhawks Go Out On A High Note.

* Coffman: Fire Stan Bowman.

34:00: Bulls Go Out On A High Note.

* Coffman: Fire GarPax.

34:51: Michael Kopech A Little Geeked.

* AP: Kopech Clocks Over 100 MPH In 1st Outing Since Tommy John Surgery.

* Coffman: Keep Rick Hahn.

39:36: Deja Cub.

* Rhodes Correction: Hamels is in Atlanta, not Philadelphia. Sorry!

* FAQ: How Coronavirus Impacts Braves, MLB.

"Cole Hamels (left shoulder inflammation) might now be available for a higher percentage of the regular season. The Braves have not targeted when Hamels might be available, but there has been thoughts that he would be sidelined through at least the first half of May."

43:33: lllinois Hoops Nation.

* Coffman: Chicago (Men) Can't Dance.

* The DePaulia: DePaul Triumphs Over Marquette To Win Third Straight Conference Crown.

* SI: Illini's Ayo Dosunmu Named First-Team All-Big Ten.

* Tribune: "Bradley is back in the NCAA Tournament for the 2nd year in a row after ending Valparaiso's run to the Missouri Valley final: 'This is the year we want to go make some noise.'"

48:24: Fire Singe Revolution.

* ESPN: MLS Postponed For 30 Days; USMNT, USWNT Friendlies Canceled.

49:14: Can Gambling Juice Fandom For Women's Sports?

* The numbers look good!

52:01: The Ex-Cub Factor.


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