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The Beachwood Radio Sports Hour #292: Alert Cooperstown, We Have An Idea

Cleaning up Manfred's mess. Plus: The Unprecedented Nature Of Kris Bryant; Baseball's New Freaky Rules; Marquee Media Moves; End Of The World According To GarPax?; Bulloney; Ben & Eddy; We're Confused Too, Breadman; Derek Carr's Eyelashes vs. Casey Urlacher's (Alleged) Offshore Gambling Ring; Illinois Hoops Nation Update, and more!



* 292.

2:15: Astros Anger Not Abating.

* When Mike Trout and Kris Bryant are pissed, you've really gone and done it

8:17 Alert Cooperstown, We Have An Idea.

* Ommegang: Where Heaven Met Earth . . . And Stayed Awhile.

9:20: Manfred's Mess.

* We have another idea.

11:23: The Unprecedented Nature Of Kris Bryant.

* Has any MVP-level superstar (who was screwed out of service time and dangled in trade talks) ever been asked to do as much as he has been asked to do - and done it so good-naturedly?

* A necessity of front office failure.

27:04: Baseball's New Freaky Rules.

* ESPN: What You Need To Know.

33:21: I Don't Have Any White Sox News, Do You?

* Not really, but let's mourn the end of free baseball on TV.

35:25: Marquee Media Moves.

* New Cubs venture snags Bruce Levine and Gordon Wittenmyer.

* Plus: In The Wake of Paul Sullivan.

37:23: End Of The World According To GarPax?

* Michael Reinsdorf reportedly asserting himself.

40:26: Bulloney.

* Coach rolling his eyes at Lauri Markkanen's latest.

* Kris Dunn done but not done?

44:18: Ben & Eddy.

* Eddy Curry: The Truth Was Way Worse.

* Ben Gordon: Where Is My Mind?

58:50: We're Confused Too, Breadman.

* What was Stan Bowman thinking?

1:00:13: Derek Carr's Eyelashes vs. Casey Urlacher's (Alleged) Offshore Gambling Ring.

* Relevant Post-Pod Breaking News: Bears Cut Prince Amukamara, Taylor Gabriel.

* Mettawa: It's like Bannockburn.

1:04:09: Welcome To Chicago, Luka, We Guess.

* Coach: "They haven't acquired anybody that I'm excited about."

1:04:22: Welcome Back, Stefanie Dolson!

1:04:38: Illinois Hoops Nation.

* Illini Men Outlast No. 9 Penn State.

* DePaul men just lost ninth straight.

* Loyola men beat Illinois State, improve to 11-4 in conference play.




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