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The Beachwood Radio Sports Hour #30: The Must-See Bears!

Weirdest, Worst, Wackiest Bears Team Ever. Plus: Duncan Keith, MVP; We [Heart] Pau; and Theo Forgets The Cole Slaw.


* Lynn Dickey.

* Don Majkowski.

* Pele.

* Jon Lester.

* Walter Payton.

* Kerry Wood.

2:30: Weirdest, Worst, Wackiest Bears Team Ever.

* Aaron Kromer.

* Must-See TV.

* Boy Clausen.

* Contract is destiny.

* SportsTuesday: Fire Away.

* David Fales.

* Todd Bowles.

* Hub Arkush on Mike Holmgren.

* Mike Florio: Why Not Mike Shanahan?

* Montreal honors Trestman.

* Alouettes on Trestman.

* Jimmy Clausen picked the wrong week to stop sniffing glue.

* The All-22s.

* Al-Anon.

* 'That Joke Has Everything:' David Letterman Before Late Night.

* Trestman's Redemption.

50:12: We [Heart] Pau.

* Call 911 - Pau Gasol is on fire.

* Derrick Rose Out With Illness.

* Steve Kerr Always Tells It Like It Is.

* Thibodeau: Thank God For Jimmy Butler.

* LaMarcus Aldridge in a Bulls hat.

* Cooking For Kyle Korver.

1:01:25: Duncan Keith, MVP.

* Blame Blues, Not Ducks, For NHL Mumps Outbreak.

* Unvaccinated.

1:05:50: Theo FAIL!

* Cubs To Sign David Ross.

* The Wild Offseason Of The Amazing Padres.

* Adam's Ribs.



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