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The Beachwood Radio Sports Hour #284: Rooting For Bears Clarity

Is that it for Trubisky, Pace? Plus: Has It Ever Been This Bad?; White Sox Making Moves, Starting Grooves; The Cubs Reckoning That Wasn't; Brent Seabrook Is The Kyle Long Of The Blackhawks; Patrick Kane Apparently 11th Best Player Of The Decade; The Bulls Still Suck; The Redbox Bowl Is Still On For Monday; and DePaul Is Still Our Last Hope.



* 284.

* The Better Business Bureau in the age of Yelp.

* Coffman: "It was never the Better Consumer Bureau.

1:58: Has It Ever Been This Bad?

* Late '70s was pretty bad.

4:30: Is That It For Trubisky, Pace?

* Lieser: It's Time To Move On From Ryan Pace.

* Biggs' 10 Thoughts: "If the Bears don't make replacing Trubisky the team's No. 1 offseason priority, they've failed to have an honest evaluation of what's happening at Halas Hall."

* Biggs' Mailbag: Is GM Ryan Pace's Job In Jeopardy? Will QB Mitch Trubisky Be Replaced? Is It As Bad As We Think?

* Was that Trubisky's last start at Soldier Field? Connor McKnight, Arthur Arkush and Biggs discuss.

* Coffman: About That Hip.

* The methodical Chiefs.

* Probing and prodding!

* SI: "Montgomery has been used only about as much as a receiver as Jordan Howard was."

* The Panthers claimed Mike Davis off waivers in November. He has yet to get an attempt.

* Interception Regression:

* Chicago Byes:

* Aaron Rodgers And Danica Patrick Buy $28 Million Malibu Mansion.

* Danica Patrick was born in Beloit, Wisconsin and raised in Roscoe, Illinois. She went to high school in Rockton, where she was a cheerleader. She got her start racing go-karts.

* Maybe I was thinking of the Brewers' signing not of a former Cub but of former White Sock Avisail Garcia.

45:50: White Sox Making Moves, Starting Grooves.

* It's Officially A Successful Offseason.

52:45: The Cubs Reckoning That Wasn't.

"Last year didn't meet our standards and we want to try to do better next year," Epstein said. "We're also at a point where after five consecutive years of charging straight ahead and pouring a lot of resources, in terms of both prospect capital and dollars, into trying to win now, we're also at a point where we have to really think ahead and secure our future as well and try to create sustained success over a long period of time. That's the challenge."

57:51: Brent Seabrook Is The Kyle Long Of The Blackhawks.

* Ranking Brent Seabrook's Greatest Blackhawks Moments.

1:03:43: Patrick Kane Apparently 11th Best Player Of The Decade.

1:04:53: The Bulls Still Suck.

1:06:37: Redbox Bowl Still On For Monday.

1:07:09: DePaul Still Our Last Hope.




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