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The Beachwood Radio Sports Hour #282: What The Hell Is Theo Doing?

Cubs call the wahmbulance. Plus: The Bears Are Back - To Playing On Sundays; Noah Not Happy About Nomar; Hawk Harrelson's Hall Of Shame; Bulls Fans Finally Bailing; Blackhawks Getting Boring Before January; Lovie's Beard Confirmed For Redbox Bowl; and DePaul Defeated.



* 282.

:28: The Bears Are Back - To Playing On Sundays!

* And back to playing teams that aren't absolute wrecks.

* Get out the measuring stick!

* Aaron Rodgers, the Green Bay Packers and the weirdness of the NFC North.

* Biggs Time.

* Coffman: Audition Time For The Bears.

* Danica Patrick was born in Beloit and raised in Roscoe, Illinois.

28:09: What The Hell Is Theo Doing?

* Coach drops multiple "F" bombs!

* Kris Bryant's wholly justifiable grievance holding Theo hostage.

* We told you so.

* Cubs call the wahmbulance.

52:00: Noah Not Happy About Nomar.

* New right fielder no Nomar.

57:39: Hawk Harrelson's Hall Of Shame.

1:02:27: Bulls Fans Finally Bailing.

1:03:35: Blackhawks Getting Boring Before January.

* Saad-aissance Is Over.

* Calvin de Haan's got a shoulder.

* Injuries, Salary Cap Crunch Will Force Blackhawks To Play Shorthanded.

1:07:10: Lovie's Beard Confirmed For Redbox Bowl.

1:08:26: DePaul Defeated.

* Record drops to 9-1.

* But . . . Illinois beats No. 5 Michigan.




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1. From Tom Chambers:

* Yesterday, Lumpy Rutherford said "Daddy, will you call (the coach) for me?" "QUIT CALLING ME DADDY!" by the incomparable Richard Deacon.

* Total benefit of the doubt, maybe they're waiting for the revenue stream of the new network to kick in, for the first year. Have they finished negotiations with the various TV providers? Me? I might have to make a decision if they tack on and raise my DirecTV sports package, which is 96.7% for horse racing.

* Maybe Theo just doesn't like Bryant and/or Boras. Maybe the Rickettses don't like Bryant and his squawking, demanding total loyalty, as people like that are wont to do these days.

* Bryant was not very good last year, although I suppose his alphabet soup of numbers might prove me wrong. Metrics are one thing, but when he flails or takes strike three with two men on in the seventh . . . He was clueless at times.

* How on Cy Young's good green Earth can these starting pitchers be worth so much money? They're not even on the hook for decisions anymore! They're not asked to do anything anymore. I hope they all get pounded early and often.

* Maybe the Cubs deferred payroll is onerous. Guys like Tunney and Emanuel cost money, you know.

* Seriously, assuming the Rickettses are real good businessmen, wouldn't we think they've sat down and hard-cold analyzed and decided that with so many revenue streams, player payroll might be a place they can cut back? With one of the PowerPoint slides offering: "We probably/necessarily don't need to win."

* Tangent: Let's not forget the owners/commissioner are on a true Blitzkreig to decimate the minor leagues and eventually bring everything under their control. They are already fast-tracking low-inning pitchers and would appreciate a cut in overhead. This way, they only have enough minor league teams - WHICH THEY WOULD CONTROL - to roster the number of players they draft, and a few more. Promote the pitchers right away and if their arms fall off, bring in the next robot. It's the Amazon Fulfillment staffing model.

* When you see what these pitchers got this week, the game itself exits reality. It has already somewhat ruined the game. Running triples into singles.

* Jim, your point about avoiding the club areas, YEAH. But, it does appear as if a lot of people are willing to pay a lot of money to avoid a lot of their fellow fans. It's the science of affinity and class structure. "I'm better than many of the people in this stadium because I'm in The Poison Ivy Club." And like The Twilight Zone, a mysterious voice in the sky, probably a Rickett, is going "Tee-Hee, Tee-Hee."

* Godamighty, going there in the old days, even before the Tribune, it was a TRUE democracy. In the bleachers, you could form a "lifelong" friendship over 9 innings. And you even watched the game. Wi-Fi was Vince and Lou on my teal Newport 9-Transistor Radio, dead by the fourth inning.

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