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The Beachwood Radio Sports Hour #29: Bears Remorse

Coach-killer Cutler kills Kromer. Plus: Professional Baseball Comes To Chicago! And: Blackhawks Bungle.


* Bryan Bickell.

3:50: Coach Killer Cutler Kills Kromer.

* See Ian Rapoport's original report here.

* "Buyer's remorse" appears to be Rapoport's phrase, not the phrase of Aaron Kromer or anyone else.

* Brad Biggs's report.

* The Bears barely run enough to have bad plays to check out of.

* "The only game the Bears won in 1969 was against the Pittsburgh Steelers, who also finished 1-13," Don Pierson wrote for upon former Bears coach Jim Dooley's death.

"The Steelers then beat the Bears in a coin flip for the draft rights to the No. 1 pick. The Steelers chose Terry Bradshaw, who could have solved their incessant quarterback confusion.

"Dooley's tenure began with journeymen quarterbacks Jack Concannon and Virgil Carter, both of whom subsequently blasted Dooley for mishandling them. By 1971, Dooley was a desperate man who resorted to the desperate measure of moving into Bobby Douglass' bachelor apartment the week before a game in an effort to force-feed Douglass a diet of football knowledge. The plan worked for two games as the Bears climbed to a 6-3 record before collapsing."

* Imrem: Kromer Latest Victim Of Cutler's Wreckage.

* Bad Bears Situation Perversely Makes Jay Cutler Look Good.

* Tomb of the Fallen Offensive Coordinators.

20:40: Professional Baseball Comes To Chicago!

* Is this really happening?

* The White Sox Report: South Side Hope.

* Theo Epstein Left Red Sox In Disarray.

* Cubs executive on draft day.

* Theo Disputes Assertions In Book.

* Steve Rosenbloom: Lester Validates Cubs' Plan.

* The Red Line goes two ways.

* Trying to make this "flip Lester" thing happen.

* The Cubs' real market advantage: It's not smarts.

1:05:10: Blackhawks Bungle.

* Kuc: Keeping Toews On The Ice Was Irresponsible.

* Rangers Player Loses Ear In 1st Period, Has It Reattached With 12 Stitches, Comes Back To Score OT Game Winner.



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