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The Beachwood Radio Sports Hour #278: Ryan Pace's Major Malfunction

And now Mitch Trubisky is holding us hostage. Plus: Matty Renteria; Sign Kaepernick!; The Next Man Is Inherently Up On Every Team In Every League!; Brad Biggs' Mailbox Talks Football With You; All Signs Point To Yu; Bulls Still In It!; The Blackhawks Are Back!; Lovie Smith And His Beard Are Going Bowling; Chicago Didn't Know What It Had In Sam Kerr; and Fire Coach Fired.



* 278.

* Santa Coffman.

4:25: Ryan Pace's Major Malfunction.

* Tribune: Why Did The Bears Draft Mitch Trubisky Over Patrick Mahomes And Deshaun Watson?

* Coffman: "Ryan Pace committed crushing general manager malpractice."

18:12: Matty Renteria.

* Here's the Bears coach speaking to the media this week:


27:55: Sign Kaepernick!

* The Patriots will be there. The Bears will not.

37:07: The Next Man Is Inherently Up On Every Team In Every League!

Just in the last six hours before writing this.

* " . . . whatever does happen, next man up mentality."

* "Will the Rams' 'next man up' efforts be good enough on Sunday . . . "

* "A lot of coaches go cliche with 'next man up' lip service . . . but how do you message that out to your team to motivate them?"

* "The NFL is a next-man-up league . . . "

* "All of these injuries have led the Pacers to the next man up mentality . . . "

* "I know it sounds cliché, but it's next man up . . . "

* "The fact that the Patriots have succeeded despite all these injuries is a testament to their next-man-up philosophy . . . "

* "It's next man up once again for the Saints with injuries to key players . . . "

39:05: Brad Biggs' Mailbox Talks Football With You.

* Could a veteran QB compete with Mitch Trubisky next season? Is the center/guard switch permanent? Why has the defense regressed?

45:17: All Signs Point To Yu.

* Fans Apologize To Yu Darvish Following Astros Cheating Allegations.

* Yu Darvish Is Conflicted Over Astros Sign-Stealing Allegations.

51:40: Abreu Will Be Back.

53:35: Bulls Still In It!

* Better than the Knicks.

56:54: The Blackhawks Are Back!

* Kane and The Cat!

* ESPN NHL Power Rankings:

25. Chicago Blackhawks

Previous ranking: 27

Can we ask an entire group to step up? The Blackhawks have a surplus of defensemen they're rotating in and out, but they're still leaky, giving up a league-high 37.1 shots per game. Good thing free-agent signing Robin Lehner has been so steady; he has already had to face 50-plus shots in two of his 10 starts.

1:03:22: Lovie Smith And His Beard Are Going Bowling.

* New goal: Get south of Detroit.

* If Beachwood Novelties was still a going concern, we'd be selling Lovie Smith Beards™ to Illinois students by the boatload.

1:05:40: Chicago Didn't Know What It Had In Sam Kerr.

1:06:38: Fire Coach Fired.




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