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The Beachwood Radio Sports Hour #277: Ball Of Bears Confusion

Earmuffs, tunnel vision, TVs and The Temptations. Plus: Yolmer Sanchez Changes First Line Of His Obituary; Yu Darvish Is Really Funny When He's Not Sucking; Blackhawks Also Ball Of Confusion; Bulls Still In It!; and How Cubs Ticket Prices Are Like Crime Rates.



* 277. (I goofed, it's not 278.)

1:55: Earmuffs, Tunnel Vision, TVs And The Temptations.

* Chambers: Singing The Same Tune?

"Making sure that there's no friction or fracture, or separation, segregation within the team."

- Matt Nagy on keeping the Bears locker room together

"Segregation, determination, demonstration, integration, aggravation, humiliation, obligation to our nation."

"Ball of Confusion (That's What the World Is Today), The Temptations

* Wiederer: Defending Mitch Trubisky's TV Comments.

* Coffman: Trubisky is Blake Bortles; Chase Daniel is Mark Sanchez.

* Telander: Stigma About Black Quarterbacks Still Exists In The NFL.

* Sparty.

* Olin Kreutz Says Blame O-Line, Not Trubisky.

* Lance Briggs' smokehouse closed in 2017.

* Rosenthal: Is It Time For The McCaskeys To Sell?

* Rhodes: Why not make all the plays out of the same stuff they use to make black boxes?

* Biggsy's mailbox: Are There Any Quick Fixes For The offensive Line? Why Didn't Matt Nagy Challenge Zach Ertz's TD For Pass Interference? How Can Ryan Pace Reset At QB For 2020?

47:34: Yolmer Sanchez Changes First Line Of His Obituary.

* First White Sox Position Player Gold Glove In More Than A Decade.

48:50: Yu Darvish Is Really Funny When He's Not Sucking.

* Yu Darvish Is Absolutely Killing It On Social Media This Offseason.

49:38: Blackhawks Also Ball Of Confusion.

* ESPN NHL Power Rankings:

Screen Shot 2019-11-08 at 2.11.01 PM.png

* We miss the Circus Trip.

54:39: Bulls Still In It!

* OK, Boomer.

58:00: How Cubs Ticket Prices Are Like Crime Rates.

* Sullivan: Average Price For Cubs Season Tickets Dropping In 2010.

* At least scalpers practiced an honest and beautiful grift.

* Finally: Passan Answers 20 Big Hot Stove Questions As Free Agency Starts And MLB's Offseason Drama Begins.




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1. From Tom Chambers:

But the Bears don't care about winning.

How many times have we seen Dash Riprock, the cup of coffee from the Titans who's doing a fine job now of TV commentary, say: "I spent a lot of time this week around the Bears and Halas Hall and I will tell you this: NOBODY wants to win more than the Bears and the McCaskeys."

Um no. They spend more time on the trust-baby great grandchildren than on the team. After what? Six decades? Pudding. Proof.

Don't ever forget that when George Halas died, Mother Saint Ginny McCaskey and her brood went after the only two remaining children with the last name Halas like pit bulls who everybody says are actually good dogs. If we don't know the McCaskeys spend more energy spreading their wealth evenly than trying to build a football team, we should. The whole country tries to like the Bears, but the football wiseguys are tired of beating their heads against the wall. If the Bears could, they'd retire Butkus's number every season. He had to sue them.

You guys talked about the public trust the McCaskeys should recognize and be responsible for. The Bears went over Niagara Falls when they started taking public, tax-paying dollars, as they all have. But that would be me crashing my head against the wall. The McCaskeys are total Chicago, parlaying their own brand of cynicism for profit and good food. Starting with Papa George, who broke the law in getting Red Grange.

On the cusp of another new decade, they've won twice in 60 years. Thanks to George Allen and Buddy Ryan.

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