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The Beachwood Radio Sports Hour #275: Brad Biggs' Mailbag Talks Football With You

And like the road, it goes on forever. Plus: Bears' Doom Spiral; David Ross Chosen To Open Next Wrigleyville Restaurant; Kris Bryant's Last Laugh As A Cub?; Bring It Home, Red Stars!; Jim Boylen's Fred Hoiberg Bulls; Saadaissance; and Rehire Lovie Smith!



* 275.

* We have no base-10 bias, and we're not commemorative.

1:00: Doom Spiral.

* Run, Mitchell, Run!

As we've been saying, his legs are the only competitive advantage he has.

* Rhodes: "He's Ian Happ and he needs to be sent down for, like, three weeks to get his game together!"

* Dan Orlovsky: Better on Twitter than actually playing.

* The Athletic: What The All-22 Film Tells Us About Bears QB Mitch Trubisky's Three Big Misses Against The Saints.

14:15: Brad Biggs' Mailbag Talks Football With You.

* Like the road, Brad Biggs' mailbox goes on forever.

* Coffman, October 22, 2018: SportsMonday: Sunday's Real Bears Goat | "His name is Chris Tabor."

* Watch the media suddenly unlink Ryan Pace's future with Mitch Trubisky's and marvel at the lack of self-awareness and accountability.

* Abe Gibron:


* Neither Andrew Luck nor Tom Brady are coming to save us.

* Giardiniera.

* Brad Childress Rejoined Bears Staff As Senior Offensive Assistant.

46:04: Jim Boylen's Fred Hoiberg Bulls.


47:29: Saadaissance.

26. Chicago Blackhawks

Previous ranking: 24

Brandon Saad. Behold, the Saad-aissance! The maligned Blackhawks forward began a reversal of fortunes last season with 23 goals and 24 assists. He has two goals and two assists in seven games this season in a diminished role (15:08 per game), and has been one of the team's most effective forwards. (The less said about Jonathan Toews' start, however, the better.)

50:38: Bring It Home, Red Stars!

50:54: Rehire Lovie Smith!

52:40: David Ross Chosen To Open Next Wrigleyville Restaurant.

1:02:12: Kris Bryant's Last Laugh As A Cub?

* "Now I can look back on it and just laugh about it because I was told to work on my defense . . . and I think I got three groundballs in those games that I played. So it's like, 'Oh, now he's ready.'"

* Five is less than seven.




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