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The Beachwood Radio Sports Hour #274: Run, Mitchell, Run

Trubisky's legs are the only competitive advantage he has. Plus: The Only News In Football That Really Matters; The Bears Have More Tight Ends Than The Pence Family; Where Is Your Offensive Line Coach God Now; Letter Of The Week; Saints Marching Line; Boss Ross Or New Joe; The Blackhawks' Weird Goalie Sitch; Thank You, Luol Deng; Fire Lovie Smith Watch; and The Red Stars Semifinal vs. the Portland Thorns.



* 274.

* Over The Cap: "Kyle Long signed a revised contract on February 26, 2019 with the Chicago Bears. The contract removed 2021; the contract now runs through the 2020 season . . . 2020 is a team option year due by the end of the 2019 league year."

6:37: We Made It This Far Before Mentioning Trubisky.

* Run, Mitchell, Run.

10:46: The Bears Have More Tight Ends Than The Pence Family.

* Rhodes: "Wasn't it Mike Ditka who said if you have seven tight ends you don't have any?"

* Barbieri: Trey Burton Finds Physical Limitations "Frustrating."

12:18: The Only News That Ever Really Matters In Football Is . . .

* . . . The injury report. - Coach Coffman

* Barbieri: Bears Hoping Akiem Hicks Returns From IR This Season.

* Barbieri: Bilal Nichols Asked Leonard Floyd About Playing With A Club On Hand.

* Potash: Bears' Defense Out For Redemption After Collapse Vs. Raiders.

* Stankevitz: Bears, Anthony Miller Need To Better Harness Talented Wide Receiver's Skillset.

* Finley: 'Glad I'm back' - Bears WR Taylor Gabriel Returns To Practice After Concussion.

18:30: Where Is Your Offensive Line Coach God Now?

* Well, they got the monster part right . . .

20:29: When The Saints Go Marching Into Soldier Field . . .

* . . . They are a 3.5-point underdog.

21:29: Letter Of The Week.

* Is Leonard Floyd a bust?

* Rhodes: "Everything's coming up Patriots and Putin."

29:24: Boss Ross Or New Joe?

* Rogers: Where Things Stand As The Cubs Zero In On Next Manager.

41:38: Blackhawks Finally Won A Game.

* Weird goalie sitch, tho.

46:56: Thank You, Luol Deng.

* Sam Smith: Rarely The Face, Always The Heart: Luol Deng Retires A Bull.

53:36: Fire Lovie Smith Watch.

* Former Bears coach not good enough for University of Illinois.

1:02:19: Playoff Preview: Red Stars Vs. Portland Thorns!




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