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The Beachwood Radio Sports Hour #270: Mitch Impossible

The autumn of our discontent. Including: Mitch Falsbisky; Only Person In Chicago More Unpopular Than Mitch Trubisky Is Craig Kimbrel; Cubs Lab; The Undertaker; These Cards Will Run!; The Amazin' A's & Yankees; The White Sox Are Still Playing; Chicago Joe Fire; The Sky Is Crying; and The Red Stars Try To Lock Down A Playoff Spot This Weekend.



* 270.

* The Autumn Of Our Discontent.

* Glory days of Cubs and Bears turns to rust.

* The Reds losses hurt more than the loss to the Cardinals on Thursday night.

* Cubhog day.

6:23: Craig Kimbrel More Unpopular In Chicago Than Mitch Trubisky.

* Keeps announcing his presence with authority.

9:15: Cubs Lab.

* Theo in a real pickle.

* Coffman on Schwarber: "Has there ever been a more inconsequential 37 home runs?"

* Hail, Astros.

* Rhodes: The Verlander trade was when Houston bypassed the Cubs.

* Sharma, The Athletic: Weird Science: The Cubs' 'Pitch Lab' Is Turning Fringe Relievers Into High-Leverage, Spin-Rate Monsters.

* Baseball Reference: "Drafted by the Kansas City Royals in the 22nd round of the 2012 MLB June Amateur . . . February 8, 2017: Traded by the Kansas City Royals to the Chicago Cubs for Donnie Dewees (minors)."

* Rhodes: I had to turn off Len "Company Man" Kasper.

28:55: The Undertaker.

* Mully: The severity of the injury wasn't what was reported.

* Coffman: We saw the injury!

* Rhodes: Ouch!

* Coffman namechecks Fred McGriff (The Crime Dog).

* Rhodes: "Gracie, he must've worn a cup, right?"

36:26: These Cards Will Run!

* Cubs catchers lead the league in errors.

36:59: The Amazin' A's.

* Billy Beane . . . Jesus!

38:35: The Amazin' Yankees.

* Brian Cashman . . . Jesus!

* Missing Gleyber Torres and DJ LaMahieu.

39:45: The White Sox Are Still Playing.

* Tim Anderson on pace to qualify.

* Ivan Nova, opener.

40:33: Mitch Falsbisky.

* Matt Nagy's trick box.

* Kimbrel vs. Trubisky.

* Media pumpers now dumpers.

* P.S.:

* Also:

Others: Trubisky can get healthy against the Redskins.

Rhodes: The Redskins can get healthy against Trubisky.

58:22: The Sky Is Crying.

1:00:40: Joe Fire.

* Coffman namechecks Brewster's Millions.

1:06:20: Red Stars Looking To Clinch Playoff Spot.




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