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The Beachwood Radio Sports Hour #265: It's The Cubs' Dutch Oven, We're Just Living In It

Philadephia Phreakout.

Plus: White Sox Almost Sweep Astros.

And: Bears Kick Camp.



* 265.

* Sunday, Monday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday Night Lights.

2:12: The First State.

The Dutch were the first Europeans to settle in present-day Delaware in the middle region by establishing a trading post at Zwaanendael, near the site of Lewes in 1631. Within a year all the settlers were killed in a dispute with area Native American tribes.

In 1638 New Sweden, a Swedish trading post and colony, was established at Fort Christina (now in Wilmington) by Peter Minuit at the head of a group of Swedes, Finns and Dutch. The colony of New Sweden lasted for 17 years.

In 1651 the Dutch, reinvigorated by the leadership of Peter Stuyvesant, established a fort at present-day New Castle, and in 1655 they conquered the New Sweden colony, annexing it into the Dutch New Netherland.

Only nine years later, in 1664, the Dutch were conquered by a fleet of English ships by Sir Robert Carr under the direction of James, the Duke of York. Fighting off a prior claim by Cecil Calvert, 2nd Baron Baltimore, Proprietor of Maryland, the Duke passed his somewhat dubious ownership on to William Penn in 1682. Penn strongly desired access to the sea for his Pennsylvania province and leased what then came to be known as the "Lower Counties on the Delaware" from the Duke.

* Bethany Beach, not to be confused with Botany Bay.

* The Chesapeake Bay Bridge.

10:12: Philadelphia Phreakout.

* Rhodes: "You know, Heinz Ketchup may not have 57 varieties of ketchup, as I learned this week, but Yu Darvish certainly does."

* How Derek Holland was just like Donald Trump.

* Coffman: "Fortunately we're reasonably confident Derek Holland is not a sociopath, a narcissistic monstrosity."

* It's go time!

* Why was Darvish pulled after seven?

"No, it was him," Maddon said, responding to whether it was about 92 pitches or what. "Be very clear about that. I would not give you disingenuous information. No. He had had it."

* Little Tommy Hottovy.

* Where the hell is Mark Loretta?!

* Coffman: How did the Cubs find themselves with David Bote at shortstop and Ian Happ at second?

* Rhodes: "This was an organizational loss."

* FTW?

* Vargas.

* Milestone:

* Cubs in second wild-card spot; Phillies, chasing them, just closed the gap by three games!

40:39: White Sox Almost Sweep Astros.

* Ivan "Super" Nova.

* Tim Anderson better than David Bote.

44:19: Bears Decamp Notes.

* The Death of Preseason.

* Tribune: Matt Nagy Scripts A Night Scrimmage - Complete With A DJ, Portable Lights And An Air Raid Siren.

Sure, but did he bring in wind machines?

* Hub: Bears Were Frontrunners For Ravens-Turned-Vikings PK Vedvik - Until They Weren't.

* Greatest Fan Mailbag Ever?

* Remembering The Emanuel Hall Era: Emanuel Hall's Game Is 100 Percent Speed, But His Speed Can Win The Bears Games.

* Is Kyle Long Okay?




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