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The Beachwood Radio Sports Hour #264: Measuring Maddon's Managing

He doesn't suck, but he does seem to grind up bullpens and talk a lot of shit. Plus: Cubs Media Meatheads Set The Tone; Cubs Hunger Games; Time For Theo To Move on?; Rickey Bunteria; Missing Trubisky; Boynton Beach Bingo; and Schweinsteiger!



* 264.

:20: Boynton Beach Bingo.

* There is a Boynton Beach but it's in Florida. "Coach" is in - checks notes - Bethany Beach.

* Boynton Health Services.

* Delaware, The Blue Hen State.

* 64% Of Fortune 500 Firms Are Delaware Incorporations: Here's Why.

2:58: Cubs Meathead Media Sets The Tone.

* Every single game is not predictive. In fact, no single game is.

* The podcast is correct in regard to the standings and the upcoming schedule!

* Assignment Desk: Are the Cubs bad on the road against everyone or just, say, teams that are above .500? Or in the division? Or something?

8:26: Measuring Maddon's Managing.

* It's almost wholly just one thing: He seems to destroy bullpens.

* Assignment Desk: Do Maddon's bullpens suffer a disproportionate number of injuries this time every season? Did Maddon's bullpens in Tampa suffer the same fate?

* Dear media assessors: Base your method on the typical not the optimal (especially when you only apply the optimal to the home team).

* He's grown a thin skin instead of a thick skin.

* Try Not To Suck: The Exceptional, Extraordinary Baseball Life of Joe Maddon.

* Steve Cishek knocks on the door of the IL. The IL opens the door and says, "What took you so long?"

* Assignment Desk: Do pitchers who lead the majors in appearances/innings over the course of a season or two typically end up injured? (Especially when they are over 30?)

* Sports media meatheads who have not adapted to analytics make their audiences less knowledgeable about the game(s), not more.

* Yes, I just called Maddon "Madigan."

* Jesse Rogers: Maddon Confident He'll Be Back With Cubs In '20.

Look, just because Maddon claims he's confident doesn't mean he is! Lotta bullshit in this one.

* The Cubhouse!

35:25: Renteria Lite.

* Everything is great! Even the home runs Yu Darvish just gave up to lose a game to the Reds!

* Hugh Darvish!

38:03: Cubs Hunger Games.

* Hoisted on his own Joetard!

* Maddon's metaphysics.

39:47: More Media Misfires.

* (Actually Jordan Bastian, Bauer's Outing Highlights New Challenge For Cubs.

* Gordo: 'Nothing To Be disappointed About,' Cubs Catcher Victor Caratini Says After Losing Interim Job Twice.

47:52: Time For Theo To Move On?

* Verducci: The Cubs Way: The Zen Of Building The Best Team In Baseball And Breaking The Curse.

* How The Houston Astros Disrupted Player Development To Become The Model MLB Franchise.

* The Fallacy Of How The Cubs Were Built.

55:17: Rickey Bunteria.

* Plus: White Supremacy And White Sox Wives.

57:52: Missing Trubisky.

* Rhodes: "An artificial narrative based on misplaced hope."

1:01:35: Schweinsteiger!

* The Montreal Impact, Trump and Meeting The Moment.

* The Weekend Desk Report.

1:09:04: Postscript | TrackNotes: Finding The Arlington Million.




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