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The Beachwood Radio Sports Hour #27: The Bears Are Like Butter

On a roll. Plus: The Game Chicago Going Under; The Ultimate Theo-Era Cubs Headline; Still Okay To Take Blackhawks For Granted; and Jimmy The Butler.


* Jeremy Roenick's infamous teeth.

* L.A. Mike Richardson.

3:10: The Bears Are Like Butter - On A Roll!

* Bears make a statement!

* It's a trap game!

* The Blue & Orange Kool-Aid Report: To The Bearmobile!

* Lovie mania.

* Hoge: What If Lovie Smith Had Hired Marc Trestman In 2004 Instead Of Terry Shea?

* Arians amnesia.

* Testy Tresty:


* Wiederer: Trestman Becoming Increasingly Guarded.

* Two days later:

* Don't be just a guy, Marc.

* "Emery hired Mel Tucker on the recommendation of a high-ranked staffer," Mike Mullligan writes for the Tribune.

"He also brought in Joe DeCamillis as special teams coordinator and assistant head coach. Trestman approved of those moves, but it was Emery who knew DeCamillis and interviewed him for the job that eventually went to Trestman."

* Yup, that's right: Emery actually interviewed DeCamillis for the Bears' head coaching job.

30:00: The Game Chicago Going Under.

* Watch Ben Finfer find out - on the air - that he just lost his job.

* Kap & Haugh, barf.

* Not even worth a hate-listen.

* Stale names, no innovation.

Correction: Chris Rongey still works for The Score.

* Virtually nobody was listening.

* "It was a poorly kept secret that the days were numbered for our friends/competitors at WGWG-FM," Dan Bernstein of The Score writes.

"A bad signal on the dial, haphazard management and inconsistent leadership conspired to doom the effort from the start, so we were already feeling for friends who had taken on professional and personal risk to be part of a start-up station in one of the country's most competitive radio markets.

"But even if the data had been showing it was only a matter of time before The Game ended, the way it went down Thursday was bush league."

* The Game vs. Vocalo.

39:46: The Ultimate Theo-Era Cubs Headline.

* Memo to Sports Punditry: Not agreeing with the Cubs' approach is not the same thing as not understanding it. To the contrary, we understand it all too well. It is you, smug arbiters of smartness, who fail monumentally at doing your jobs as journalists.

* Schwarber's not even going to play catcher!

* To make things worse, this story was written by the only skeptical reporter on the local beat (Telander and Morrissey don't count; they're just channeling their inner Abe Simpsons.)

* Stop worrying about the Ricketts' money! Demand they spend some of their largesse instead of spending your pitiful wages while shoving millions of dollars in profits in their overstuffed pockets! My God, people, wake up!

* The market rate is set by the market!

* We like La Stella.

* They could have enacted The Plan in reverse - in other words, forward instead of backward.

* Rick Hahn has a plan, too.

* Worst Cubs Lineup Ever Featuring Dioner Navarro Batting Cleanup.

* Navarro was an All-Star under Joe Maddon in Tampa Bay.

1:03:33: Still Okay To Take Blackhawks For Granted.

* Danny Carcillo now driving mini-van.

* Bright idea:

1:06:40: Jimmy The Butler.

* Joakim Kneeah.



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