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The Beachwood Radio Sports Hour #254: Netgate

Excuses exhausted. Plus: Patrick Mannelly Great Ever; The St. Louis Bores; Astros Series Asinine; Defining Darvish Down; Contreras Can't Catch; The Dooche; Justin Verlander Reminds Us He Wanted To Be A Cub; The Cubs' Bill Buckner; White Sox Wild?; Burton's Boo-Boo; Stanley Cup Finals Moves To Nation's Most Boring City; and Why You Should Both Love Steve Kerr And Root For The Raptors.



* 254.

* Who knew Patrick Mannelly was so great ever.

1:23: Netgate.

* Another Child Is Hit By A Foul Ball, And The Batter Is Devastated.

* Get it done, MLB.






10:45: The St. Louis Bores.

* Mark Gonzales actually wrote this - and his editors allowed it to be published:

What's worse, having your city jokingly referred to as being boring?

Or having a retooled team with realistic playoff ambitions test your patience during an 8-18 May?

That's the dilemma facing Cardinals fans certain to be invigorated this weekend by the presence of the Cubs and slugger Kris Bryant, who jokingly referred to St. Louis as "boring" during a lighthearted fireside chat with Ryan Dempster at the Cubs Convention in January.


* St. Louis doesn't even have the Bowling Hall of Fame anymore!

20:23: Astros Series Asinine.

* A week of "three true outcome" baseball.

* Javy Baez's platinum sombrero.

23:38: Defining Darvish Down.

* Stop grading on a sliding scale.

28:14: Contreras Can't Catch.

* No wonder he used to play outfield.

34:34: The Dooche.

* When you call up Jim Adduci, you are missing Ben Zobrist something awful and Ian Happ is nowhere near ready to return to the major leagues. So then you add Carlos Gonzalez.

* And Daniel Descalso has been exposed.

* Weekly Tommy La Stella shout out.

43:54: Reminder: Justin Verlander Wanted To Be A Cub.

* Got Cole Hamels a year later instead.

48:45: The Cubs' Bill Buckner.

* Coffman: "My primary memory of Bill Buckner was of him lashing the ball down the right field line. It was amazing how many of those beautiful line drives one-hopped the wall near the corner. I felt like practically every time I tuned into a Cubs game in the early '80s he was good for a double, and was pleased to confirm that he led the National League in two-baggers in both '81 and '83. I will have a little something to say about the rest of his career later on."

* Rhodes: Media: Bill Buckner Shouldn't Be Defined By The One Play We're Defining Him By.

* Larry David rehabilitates Buck:


1:00:55: White Sox Wild?

* Coffman: "They're not dead yet!"

* Why Dallas Keuchel perfectly fits the rebuild timeline.

1:07:54: Trey Burton's Boo-Boo.

1:09:15: Stanley Cup Finals Shift To Nation's Most Boring City.

1:10:35: Why You Should Both Love Steve Kerr And Root For The Raptors.


Plus . . .




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