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The Beachwood Radio Sports Hour #250: Ryan Pace Is A Draft Disaster

The anti-Belichick can't win at this game. Plus: Cubs Progress To The Mean; White Sox Suddenly Not As Bad As You Think They Are; Sixers-Warriors; The NHL's Deadly Denial; Wrigleyville Literally The Worst; and Dragging The Derby.



* 250.

:50: Bill Barr's Bears Draft.

* Setting narratives that confuse the issues.

* Future U.S. Senator Casey Bednarski:

* Media props.

* 538: No Team Can Beat The Draft.

* Vox: How NFL Teams Ignore Basic Economics And Draft Players Irrationally.

* NBC Sports: Bill Belichick: Every Team Uses The Same Draft Chart.

* Ryan Pace Is Not Some Kind Of 4th-Round Guru, People!

* "Conviction" Is Not A Virtue!

* Morrissey: David Montgomery Fills The Hype Vacuum For Bears' Draft.

* You can't teach speed!

* What a three-down back means in a Matt Nagy offense.

* Old enough to remember when Jordan Howard was considered Pace's best draft pick ever!

* David Montgomery Sears.

* Riley Boo Ridley.

* Riley Wrong-Way Ridley.

* The Bizarro Kevin White.

* JP Morgan Chase Daniel Jones Day.

* Duke Pete Shelley.

* Let's Get Real With College Athletes About Their Chances Of Going Pro.

44:25: Cubs Progress To The Mean.

* Coffman: Hossa > Lester.

* El Mago.

* FanGraphs: Jason Heyward's Surprising New Strategy For Success Will Shock You.

* P.S.: Addison Russell.

59:09: The White Sox Suddenly Not As Bad As You Think They Are.

* Coffman/Keuchel 2020!

1:06:41: Sixers-Warriors.

1:07:24: The NHL's Deadly Denial.



* 911 Call Data Confirms Wrigleyville Is A Terrible Place To Be During Cubs Games.

* TrackNotes: Dragging The Derby.




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