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The Beachwood Radio Sports Hour #248: Cubs Season Already Exhausting

Pleasure greatly exceeded by pressure, urgency, payroll, bullpen, Bryzzo. Plus: Most Dramatic Week Of White Sox Season Already Over; TWIB Notes; Tiger Woods Is No Ben Hogan, Muhammad Ali Or Rick Allen; Third-Choice Porter Moser Lays Down A Marker; and Bears Skipping First Day Of Draft.



* 248.

2:36: Pleasure Greatly Exceeded By Pressure, Urgency, Bullpen, Bryzzo.

* Cubs Get Well In Miami. But Then, Who Doesn't?

"Derek Jeter the owner is facing anger Derek Jeter the player would never understand," the New York Post reports.

"He's so disliked in Miami that on a night of joy at the Heat game for the final home game for Dwyane Wade - essentially Miami's Derek Jeter - the Marlins CEO was booed Tuesday when shown on the big screen at AmericanAirlines Arena."

* Bryzzo Abrysmal: Supporting Cast Picks Up Slumping Stars.

* Caratini's Got A Hamate.

* Russell's Return: On Target For May 3rd.

* Sorry Mr. Gooner, You're A Goner!

* Brandon Kintzler's Transformation.

* Twirling gems.

* Deadspin: Yu Darvish Fucked Up Three Guys With A Magic Fastball.

* Carl Edwards Jr. Goes On Injured List After Slipping On Flight Of Stairs As If Receiving Racist Instagram Messages And Starting The Season With An Illegal Delivery Weren't Enough.

36:58: Most Dramatic Week Of White Sox Season Is Already Over.

* "Tim Anderson Didn't Bat Flip, He Bat Chucked."

* Journesia Alert: Ozzie Guillen Demoted A Pitcher Who Didn't Plunk A Batter.

47:30: TWIB Notes.

* The One Who Got Away Long Before Gleyber Torres.

* Unlike The Cubs, The Phillies Didn't Run Out Of Money.

* New York Times: Starting Pitching Thrives On The Team That Created The Opener.

54:00: Tiger Woods Is No Ben Hogan, Muhammad Ali Or Rick Allen.

* Yay, Tiger Woods came back from being a massive scumbag! We're crying! Sports!

59:36: Third-Choice Porter Moser Lays Down A Marker.

1:01:40: Bears Skipping First Day Of Draft.




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