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The Beachwood Radio Sports Hour #247: Cy Darvish

Greatness unappreciated by all except media, Maddon. Plus: Yu Darvish Is Even Annoying His Neighbors; The White Sox Are Also 3-8; Sale Sucks, Rays Rock; The Fight To Pay Minor Leaguers; The Circuitous Route of Wauconda's Matt Mooney; Now The Bulls Pray To The Lottery Gods; Lottery Gods Smile On Blackhawks; "Q" Now Florida Man; Chicago Fired; DePaul Demons Officially Nation's 103rd Best Team; and Co-Ed Swim Team Launches.



* 247.

* Joey Gallo.

* Three True Outcomes.

4:15: Yu Darvish Even Annoying His Neighbors.

* Neighbors Sue Cubs pitcher Yu Darvish For Fence Around Evanston Mansion That Blocks Lake Michigan Views.

* Stop coddling him, for godsakes. He's a grown man. Well-compensated. Lives in a nice home with a fence.

* Cubs now worth $3.1 billion.

* Coffman: Fire Jason McLeod!

* Mully and Haugh Want To Be Tom Ricketts' Friend.

* Bench Bryzzo!

* Meanwhile . . .


37:31: The White Sox Are Also 3-8.

39:17: Sale And Sox Suck; Mariners And Rays Rock.

47:03: The Fight To Pay Minor Leaguers.

50:21: The Circuitous Route Of Wauconda's Matt Mooney.

55:06: Now The Bulls Pray To The Lottery Gods.

56:18: Lottery Gods Smile On Blackhawks.

58:50: "Q" Now Florida Man.

1:00:42: Chicago Fired.

1:03:17: DePaul Blue Demons Officially Nation's 103rd Best Team.

1:03:29: Co-Ed Swim League Launches.

* Jim Coffman was a high school swimmer.




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