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The Beachwood Radio Sports Hour #25: Kickstarting The Bears

Bench Shea, hurt Rodgers. Plus: College Football's Iron Lotus; Derrick Rosebud; Joe Maddon Facts; and Kickstart The Blackhawks!


* Vince Carter.

* Noahbattacola.

* Todd Bell.

* Ka'deem Carey.

2:00: The Bears Are Back!

* Jay Cutler Must Display More Leadership!

* Changing of the Guards.

* Morgan Sees Similarities Between Bears, 2012 Redskins.

* Marquess Wilson, MVP.

* Idea: A Kickstarter to bench Shea McClellin.

* College McClellin.

* Phil Emery = Kenny Williams.

* Key to the Packers game: Hurt Rodgers.

22:22: The Blue & Orange Kool-Aid Report: Mapping A Path To The Playoffs.

* The map.

* Thanksgiving showdown?

25:30: The College Football Report: John The Baptist's Separation Saturday.

* Oh, the pageantry!

* North Korea's Iron Lotus.


* Will Ferrell's Iron Lotus.


* Marcus Lattimore Intends To Retire.

* Joe Maddon vs. Nick Saban.

36:00: Tarnished Rose.

* Derrick has an owie.

* "Chicago is a hard place to play."

45:05: Joe Maddon Facts.

* Joe Maddon decides where Chuck Norris bats.

* You Make Losin' Fun.

* Bosio is Boss.

54:42: Blow Up The Blackhawks!

* Using the Bears' offense.

* Circus Trip.

STOPPAGE: 00:26.167.


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