The Beachwood Radio Sports Hour #234: Double Doinkage

Worst Chicago sports loss ever? Including: What We Still Don't Know About Cody Parkey's Double Doink; Hero Or Heel?; Hawk Bearelsons; The Other 59:50 Of That Game; The Vic Vacancy; Another Inside Story Of The Bears Blowing It By Drafting Trubisky Instead Of Mahomes; The Meaning Of Mediocre; and Rewriting Robbie Gould!

Plus: White Sox Making Moves!; Dear Cubs Fans: Your Favorite Baseball Team Can Afford Any Free Agent It Wants; Jim Boylen Sucks, What More Do You Need To Know?; Don't Believe The Blackhawks Hype (Apparently There's Blackhawks Hype); and The Four-Part Recipe For The Oily Stew Of Dysfunction That Ousted Tom Thibodeau.



* 234.

* Worst loss in Chicago sports history?

* Coffman: SportsMonday: Gut-Punch.

* Rhodes: Parsing Parkey Pique.

* Wikipedia: Does icing the kicker work?

* NPR: Eagles' Defeat Of The Bears Revives The Question: Does Icing The Kicker Work?

* Google: Does icing the kicker work?

14:00: What We Still Don't Know About Cody Parkey's Double Doink.

* Did the tip matter?

* Did an offensive lineman miss an assignment?

* Was the kick too low?

* Did Treyvon Hester simply make a great play?

18:35: Hero Or Heel?





Or maybe he's just a guy who didn't make a successful kick - for whatever reasons - and nothing more than that.

26:25: Hawk Bearelsons.

* Goo as Gould.

33:23: The Other 59:50 Of That Game.

* Nagy's play-calling.

* Trubisky's quarterbacking.

* Tabor's special teaming.

39:15: The Vic Vacancy.

* Ed Donatell vs. Chuck Pagano?

* There goes the Kubiak theory!

47:17: 'We Got It Done!': The Inside Story Of How Patrick Mahomes Landed With The Chiefs.

The night began with a twist: The Chicago Bears traded up a spot, from the third pick to the second pick.

"I'd been in communication with the Bears pretty regularly," [agent Chris] Cabott said. "I knew they liked Patrick a lot. So when they moved up, 'Everybody was kind of like, 'Hmm. What's that for?' "

It was for Mitchell Trubisky, the quarterback out of North Carolina. The pick surprised Cabott, but it didn't change his outlook . . .

* Rhodes: This is just the latest version of several well-reported accounts showing that the Bears were only bidding against themselves when Ryan Pace moved up in the draft to get Mitchell Trubisky - as well as showing that Trubisky wasn't necessarily everybody's first choice of quarterbacks that day.

And yet . . .


Also from Hawk Hoge . . .


And . . .

"There's enough to like about Glennon to understand what Bears general manager Ryan Pace sees in him. We're talking about a 27-year-old quarterback who was never given a fair shake in Tampa. Watching the tape is important because it exposes realities that cannot be seen on a stat sheet . . . "


(The KC Johnson piece Coffman mentions: Jabari Parker - Warts And All - Deserves Another Chance To Play.)

54:47: The Meaning Of Mediocre.


* Also beware Bears writers citing stats showing Trubisky to be one of the best quarterbacks in the league, because there are just as many stats showing him to be one of the worst.

Screen Shot 2019-01-11 at 4.34.41 PM.png

1:00:04: Rewriting Robbie Gould!

* From BRSH #226, at 55:41: Don't Rewrite History; Cutting Robbie Gould Was The Right Thing To Do.

'In 2015 Gould converted 33 of 39 field goals for an 84.6 percentage, 19th in the league. He struggled during the later portion of the season, missing two field goals against the 49ers and a potential game-tying kick against the Redskins, with a combined two of five field goals converted in those two games.'

He looked shitty at the end of that season. Then, the following exhibition season, he missed two extra points in the finale, as well as a field goal in another. It was hard to stick with him. If anything, the Bears' big mistake was bringing him to camp the next year and not cutting him until the final week of the preseason in favor of Connor Barth, who had just been released by the Saints.


Fox Sports, December 2015:

After missing three field-goal attempts in the past two weeks, Chicago Bears kicker Robbie Gould is in a serious slump.

However, on Wednesday, special teams coordinator Jeff Rodgers said he's not worried about his veteran placekicker's poor performances as of late.

Via ESPN's Jeff Dickerson:

Gould's recent misses have been particularly painful, as they've cost the Bears games that they desperately needed to stay alive in the playoff hunt. He missed two attempts in an overtime loss to the San Francisco 49ers in Week 13. Then, against the Washington Redskins last Sunday, he missed a 50-yard try that likely would have sent the game into overtime.


Dickerson, September 2016:

Determined to bounce back, Gould embarked on a new training and nutritional regimen in the offseason and reported to camp at a heavier weight after he gained muscle mass. While Gould went 5-for-6 on field goals in the preseason, he failed to convert two PATs in the Bears' preseason finale at Cleveland.

"For us it was if a specific player comes available, and we know that we're able to acquire that player, then that's something we need to entertain and discuss," Pace said. "So that's kind of how it played out, when we knew this guy [Barth] would be available for us, it made the switch a possibility.


Dickerson, November 2017:

"The Bears have signed former Chiefs kicker Cairo Santos and released veteran kicker Connor Barth.

"Barth missed a last-second, game-tying 46-yard field goal attempt in Chicago's 27-24 loss to Detroit on Sunday."

1:07:03: White Sox Making Moves!

* Jon Jay!

* Kelvin Herrera!

* Alex Colome!

1:07:52: Dear Cubs Fans: Your Favorite Baseball Team Can Afford Any Free Agent It Wants.

1:08:52: Jim Boylen Sucks, What More Do You Need To Know?

1:08:59: Don't Believe The Blackhawks Hype (Apparently There's Blackhawks Hype).

1:10:35: The Four-Part Recipe For The Oily Stew Of Dysfunction That Ousted Tom Thibodeau.




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