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The Beachwood Radio Sports Hour #24: The Maddoning Is Happening

Cubs could still screw this up. Plus: As The Bulls Turn; Go Ahead, Sleep On The Blackhawks; and The Phil & Marc Show.


* 15.

* Matt Notabattacola.

1:40: Cubs Could Still Screw This Up.

* So long, Ricky Rentamanager. You knew what this was about.

* Wrong Way Ricketts.

* Financial fakery.

* Theme trips.

* Joe Maddon's one rule.

* MIA: The White Sox.

* Terry Bevington Can Feel For Rick Renteria.

18:00: Bochy's Toolbox Of Concepts.

* MadBum.

23:54: As The Bulls Turn.

* Rolling deep.

* @Noah'sKnees.

* Repairing Rose.

* Team Turmoil: The 1993 Oilers.

32:43: Go Ahead, Sleep On The Blackhawks.

* Hall-of-Fame Hossa.

* Darling vs. Ranta.

* Chicago's gorilla goalies.

37:00: The Phil & Marc Show.

* Vandy Jay.

* Handcuffing Jay.

* All About Jay.

* Losing Lamarr.

* Missing Matt.

* A Lovie loss.

* Tom Brady balled.

* Gronkowski gronked.

* Rev. Sharpton!

* Shea McClellin is going as a vampire for Halloween because he's sucking out our souls.

* DSM5: Meatball Sports Fan Anger.

* Buffone from Barrington.

* Ed from Elmhurst.

* Doug and OB from Meatballville.

* Memo to Phil Emery: Shea McClellin has never gotten on a roll.

55:00: Joe Maddon's First Lineup Card.


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